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assuming it's automatic. it's inside the transmission. and it's not a sensor really. it's hydraulic pressure that builds in a planetary gear system. if it won't shift, then your inner tranny seals are toast and it's gonna cost you about $600 to have fixed. whatever you do, do not try to repair the tranny yourself. it's ugly, nasty, and scary in there with hundreds of little springs, fittings, and seals that just love to run, jump, and play where you can't find them. There is more than one sensor that regulates shifting. The one I'm familiar with is the input speed sensor. What happen to my car was the check engine light came on the first day but the car seemed fine. On the 2nd day it got stuck in 2nd gear but I found out if I shut the car off and restarted it, the transmission would go thru the gears twice but on the third time it would stay in 2nd gear. I took it to the shop to have them put it on the computer and the tech said the input sensor was bad he suggested changing the output speed sensor also because his experience was they are bad for going out also. The shop wanted $100.00 for putting them in so I just bought the parts and put them in myself. It took me about 2 hrs and after changing the sensors the check engine light went off and the car shifts fine. The transmission is a automatic.

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Q: Where is the sensor which regulates shifting through forward gears on a 1999 Dodge Stratus?
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