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Where is the signal light flasher on a 97 GMC Sonoma?


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Behind lower dash panel, aprox under the radio, over the transmission hump in floor. The lower dash panel must be removed to gain access.


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Underneath Driver side dash kick panel

The question is for a 1997 sonoma however the answer refers to a 1994 sonoma, and after trying this on my 1997 sonoma with no luck I found the answer under "Where is the flasher unit on a 1997 Chevy S10?" which is exactly where I found the flasher units for my 1997 sonoma and it was indeed the right flasher unit which was for the signal.AnswerI have a 94 Sonoma and to locate the turn signal flasher, inside, under dash, on left side is a plastic sound protector, mine had 3 screws holding it up, drop this down and straight in you will see a 1" round thing - this is the flasher, pull it out and replace with new one (there are two flat prongs that plug in). It appears this is a well guarded secret!

The 1998 GMC signal flasher relay switch will be behind the drivers side dashboard. The signal flasher relay switch will be on the left-hand side of the gas pedal.

The turn signal flasher on a 2002 GMC Savanna van is behind the left IP fuse box. This is also the location for the hazard flasher.

The cause for a turn signal flasher to keep clicking on a 1999 GMC Jimmy is a bad flasher unit. Replacing this with a new flasher unit should solve this problem.

the flasher is located under the back center of the dash you need to remove the lower center section and the two cover to get at it but it is there.

you have to remove the headlight bezel. there is 4 screws around the headlight and possibly 2 along the side of the signal light

The turn signal relay switch, on your 1995 GMC, is located beneath the dashboard on the drivers side. The relay switch simply plugs in and unplugs.

Check the 2005 GMC Envoys turn signal flasher. The flasher could have an intermittent issue causing the signals to not work.

No, a 95 GMC Sonoma does not use a timing belt on it. The 95 GMC Sonoma uses a timing chain on it.

the turn signal flasher is under the dash panel below the radio,must remove lower hush panel and center panel.gmjim

The GMC S-15 became the GMC Sonoma in 1991.

In order to remove the turn signal from your 2003 GMC Sonoma, you would need to remove the lower dash cover and also the steering column cover. I have included a video below in the related links section that will show you exactly how to fix this.

Turn on that fast blinking signal light and check to see if the front and rear signal lights are both working, chances are you have a burned out bulb. If both front and rear bulbs are flashing fast, replace the flasher relay.

Where is the timing connector on a 1995 gmc sonoma

The signal and 4-way flashers are located behind the lower dash panel, aprox under the radio. The plastic lower dash panel must be removed to gain access to the flashers.

will the 2.2 crossmember on a 1994 GMC sonoma fit on a 1994 GMC sonoma 3.4

If the right one works,it might be a bad bulb or a bad ground.

How do you flush the raditor on a 1992 GMC Sonoma Pickup.

where is the iat sensor located on a 2003 gmc sonoma truck

Under the radio to the left of the cigarette lighter and auxiliary power outlets. you must remove the bottom cover.

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