Where is the speed sensor in a 1999 Ford Ranger?

== == I believe on the 99 it is a simple bolt on sensor on the differential. Actuallly on the '99 Ranger the Speed sensor is near the transmission. There are manuals that point you in the direction of the differential, however, that is what is known as the ABS sensor. Why they call it the speed sensor in the manuals, I have no idea. Hope that is of some help. The speed sensor should be located on the right side of the transmission, about midway between the bell housing and the tail. There are 2 speed sensors one near the transmission and one near the rear axle. If your abs light has been on since the problem started then the one in the rear needs to be replaced; if this is not the case most likely the other sensor is bad. Simple if the speedometer doesnt work it is the one on the tranny...the 99 also had 4 wheel abs on some so there might be a sensor on the front spindle too I have a 99 ranger 2WD reg cab. A couple years back the speedometer started acting funny. It vibrated violently and displayed about 1/3 to 1/2 my actual speed once I got over 30-35mph. I replaced the speed sensor on the differential and this solved the problem. I'm guessing that if the speedometer doesn't read at all then it is the transmission sensor. However the differential speed sensor (ABS) may have speedometer symptoms as well. The part was about $17 and it took a socket and 5 minutes to replace.