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I'm not 100% sure bout this but the speed censor on the 98 escort, is directly under the cup holders for the driver and pass. You pull up the cup holders and the wires and censor are right there, give it a try hey and if I ain't right you learn something from it, theres gotta be something there... Ya right! The speed sensor is mounted on the transaxle. Where the passanger side axle goes into the trans, directly above is the VSS (speed sensor). Cupholders??? Dan the tranny man I'll secon Dan on that one Rick ASE L-1 Master The PCM is located behind the cupholders. You remove the E-Brake/Seatbelt console, then the center console which surrounds the shifter. You will see the blue box, located directly under you ash tray. This is what he was talking about, the question really wasn't that specific, so he was just trying to help. I'm not 100% sure in a 1998, but my 1996 is located there.

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Q: Where is the speed sensor on a 1996 Ford Escort?
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