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remove the drive shaft on rear wheel drives and remove the tailshaft cover the speed o gear will be on the shaft

Pay attention, the question was where's the 'driven' gear, If you follow the speedometer cable down to the transmission, the cable is screwed onto a connector on the tail shaft cover. When you remove the cable you see a bolt or screw holding that connector to the housing, remove the bolt and pull the connector out. That gear on the end of it should mesh with the worm gear, (which is the drive gear), on the tail shaft. The seal is on the bottom of the threads where the speedometer cable is attached between the screw on connector and the gear. A black O-ring about the size of a mans wedding ring. this is for all conventional rear wheel drive vehicles. If you have a very new care or a front wheel drive car this could look very different but in any case follow the speedometer cable to the output side of the transmission and look for a way to pull that connector out.

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Q: Where is the speedometer driven gear seal on a transmission located?
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Where is the speedometer gear located inside a 73 350 transmission?

The drive gear is in the tail shaft of the transmission. The driven gear is on the end of the speedometer cable housing.

How remove 2006 Jeep commander speedometer gear?

It does not have a speedometer gear. The speedometer is electronic and gets its signal from the ABS and transmission computers from the wheel speed and transmission speed sensors.It does not have a speedometer gear. The speedometer is electronic and gets its signal from the ABS and transmission computers from the wheel speed and transmission speed sensors.

Where is the speedometer sensor on a Toyota Celica?

If memory serves me correctly the speedometer is driven by a gear which is on the transmission, looking down from the top of the engine (below the airbox) should be a 2 wire sensor which is screwed into the transmission case.

How do you repair a broken speedometer on a 1980 Chevy chevette?

We had a speedometer problem it was the key that locked the speedometer driver gear to the transmission output shaft. The key was broke had to pull the rear housing on the transmission to get to the gear. Yea you have to pull the transmission. Ez

Where is the 96 VW Jetta manual transmission Speedometer gear?

Top of the transmission...

Where is the speedometer cable on a 96 Ford Explorer?

1991 to 1995 Explorers have a conventional speedometer cable with a drive gear that is driven by the transmission on 2 wheel drive or the transfer case on 4 wheel drive. 1996 and newer have an electronic speedometer with a vehicle speed sensor that connects to the transmission or transfer case. 2000 and newer the VSS is combined with the rear axle sensor located on top of the differential.

Where is the speedometer cable connected too?

At the top the speedometer cable is connected to a little gear in the speedometer guage, and on the bottom end it is connected to a little gear in the car's transmission.

Where is the speed sensor on a Ford Explorer?


How do you check the transmission fluid on a manual 91 Ford Festiva?

Remove the speedometer cable and driven gear from the transaxle case. Wipe the gear clean and reinsert it. Pull it out again there is a small tab on the driven gear, there is a notch on the tab full in the first intention and below the tab add fluid.

Why doesn't speedometer work on a Jeep liberty 2004?

broken cable? Broken gear at transmission end? Broken gear at speedometer head?

What is the plastic wheel call that goes in the transmission on speedometer cable for a 1974 Dodge Dart?

speedometer gear

Will it hurt the transmission if you don't fix the speedometer?

No. Several Things Go Wrong With Speedometers. Cable Break, Plastic Gear In The Back Of Speedometer Housing, Or In The Housing Of The Transmission. But No It Will Not Hurt The Transmission.

What would cause a transmission to not shift into gear and the speedometer to raise and lower?

Sounds like a grenaded transmission

Where is the speedometer gear on a 1986 Buick Le-Saber?

Check side of transmission

What would cause speedometer on 1997 Aspire with manual transmission to only register when accelerating or clutch pedal depressed?

I have the same problem; so far the problem seems to be in the transmission. Maybe the gear that drives the speedometer gear, won't know without taking transmission apart.

1990 Honda accord speedometer stopped working and does not look like it has a cable auto 4cyl lx any ideas?

It has a speed sensor located on a gear that attaches to the transmission near the firewall and below and left of the distributor. The green "S" on the dash board should be lite up as well. The sensor has a pin and is gear driven.

What might be reasons other than the speed sensor for the speedometer not working on a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria?

Speedometer cable (most common) Speedometer head Gear on transmission end of speedometer cable

What all on Kubota bx is hydro driven?

Strictly the transmission is "hydro driven" on a Kubota BX-series tractor. It is has a high and low range but speed is fully adjustable and controlled by a variable swashplate in the transmission. The mid and rear PTO's are gear driven by a wet hydraulic clutch pack. FWD is strictly gear driven from inside the transmission. Hope this helps.

What kind of speedometer gear goes in a 1971 Chevrolet Impala 350 transmission?

You will need to call the dealership and give them the tire size,differential gear ratio, and the type of transmission. From that information they can give you the correct gear.

What is a driven gear?

A driven gear is a output gear

Where is gear oil fill plug 99 Ford Escort?

Your vehicle uses Mercon automatic transmission fluid. To fill it you have to take the speed sensor off the top of the transmission, then pull the speedometer gear out and then fill up to the bottomof the gear for correct amount. Be careful prying the speedometer gear out of the hole. It is probably stuck in there because of corrosion.

Where is speedometer gear on a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe?

It doesn't have a gear driven speedometer, it is electronic.>> The "gear" you refer to is called a "tone ring". Actually it does have one, called a speedometer driven gear, also sometimes referred to as a speed sensor. It is a gear driving an electronic sensor. It is located next to the rear engine mounting. If you follow the gear oil drain plug upward on the clutch housing, you will find a electronic plug with two wires. Next to it is a bolt, which holds the gear pickup in place. It is in the worst imaginable place. Another way to find it is by removing the air intake filter and pipes. If you have good lighting, you will find it next to the engine mounting. Follow the wiring harness as a guide. Good luck.

1980 el camino with a 1990-93 gmc v6 engine and transmission your question is how do you get the speedometer to read and also how do you get the transmission to show what gear it is in?

If the transmission a computer shifting transmission, then you need to hook up the eltronic speed sensor to be able to read speedometer. The gear reading is on the dash column, in which a wire hooks to the steering column.

How do you replace speedometer drive gear on a 1981 corvette?

Where the speedometer cable attaches to the transmission, that piece should have a clip holding it in the transmission. The clip should be held in with one 1/4 inch bolt. Take the bolt out and the gear pulls straight out. Check the number of teeth on the new gear they can be different depending on rear end gear ratio.

Why does the speedometer on your 1998 cavalier drop a few MPH after some occasional shifts to higher gear IE 3rd to 4th gear speedometer would drop from 35-30-35 without the vehicle speed changing?

YOUR SPEED SENCER IS STARTING TO GO its located on the side of your transmission