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I found the info you want but it is impossible for me to explain because I am learning about these trucks myself.

I bought a 1984 B2000 workshop manual from Mazda for around $17.00 and it has full instruction for everything for your truck including a full teardown.

The information you want on Chapter 5: page 10 It has full pictures and exploded view of starting motor and solenoid.

I wish I could be more of a help because I DO know the frustration. I am going through it myself with a part that I can't find what it does. I even put up a site to ask for help.

Good luck on your B2000 because if you can keep it running, it's a great little truck.


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Q: Where is the starter and solenoid located on a 1984 Mazda b2000 pickup?
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Where is the starter solenoid located on a 1997 Mazda mpv?

the solenoid is on the starter. It's the part the wires go into.

Where is the starter solenoid on 1997 Mazda 2500 Mazda pickup?

Usually it's attached to the starter. Imagine two cans of beer, a 16oz and a 12oz, tape them together and you got the starter and starter solenoid. If someone told you to replace that, you should replace the starter because they cost just about the same.

Where is the starter solenoid on a 1990 Mazda Miata?

The starter solenoid is located on top of the starter. It is the small cylinder attached to the starter. It is a part of the starter which can be replaced/repaired independent from the starter itself.

Where is the starter solenoid located on a Mazda B2200 pickup?

right side of the engine bay, on the starter. if it's broken, it will click, that will help you identify it. you can buy a manual at the auto store and return it if you're low on cash.

Where is starter solenoid located on 2000 model Mazda 4000 truck?

The starter solenoid is the small bump or cylinder attached to the actual starter motor body. It will be the part with all the wiring connections.

Where is the starter solenoid located on a 2002 Mazda protege model es2.0?

Hi, starter is behind engine under the intake

Where is transmission shift solenoid located on a 2000 Mazda protege?

where is the transmission shift solenoid located on a 2001 Mazda protege

How do you locate starter solenoid on Mazda 626 1993 on Mazda 1993 626 fwd?

Follow + battery cable should connect to solenoid

How do you find fusible links on a 1988 Mazda pickup?

Fusible links are generally located close to the main power source such as the battery or accessory solenoid.

Where is the starter located on a 98 Mazda 626?

I have a 99 Mazda 626 and my starter is located right next to the oil filter.

Where is the starter located on a Mazda 626 4 cylinder?

Where is starter on a 4 cylinder mazda 626?

Where is the starter located on a 1997 Mazda 626?

The 1997 Mazda 626 starter is located near the back of the engine at the bottom. You can follow the positive battery cable from the battery to the starter.

Where is Mazda Protege starter located at?

the starter is located between transmission and engine down intake manifold

Where is the 1998 Mazda b3000 evr solenoid located?

i have a 98 Mazda b3000 auto 4x4. where are the shift solenoids located

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1999 b3000 Mazda pickup truck?

99 mazda b3000 where is the speed sensor located

1995 Mazda pickup an it wont start?

If your 1995 Mazda pickup won't start, you might have a dead battery or a starter that is broken or damaged. You might also have bad gas or an empty gas tank.

How do you connect the positive battery cable to the starter on a 1998 Mazda Protege?

There are two posts on the starter solenoid when the starter is in position the top one is for the positive battery cable. The bottom one should have a very short cable that enters the starter casing. I just replaced the starter in my 98 mazda protege yesterday.

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1987 Mazda pickup?

In the alternator

Where is the starter on a 1996 Mazda B3000 located and how do you change it?

The starter on a 1996 Mazda B3000 is located near the battery terminal. To change it, first unbolt the negative cable from the battery terminal and raise the right front corner of the Mazda B3000 with a jack. Unbolt the starter wiring and thread the mounting bolts through the starter. Finally, reconnect the starter wiring.

Why does the Starter relay energizes clicks on Mazda 626 gxi but no power delivered to starter motor?

Either Discharged battery or poor/loose battery or starter connections or solenoid contact need replacing

Where is the starter on a 1994 Mazda Protege?

The starter, on a 1994 Mazda Protege, is located on the driver's side of the engine. It is just behind and to the right of the oil fill cap.

1995 Mazda millenia when you turn the key starter will not engage all fuses are good?

Usually when this happens the starter solenoid has failed -- remove the starter and have it checked/rebuilt. Some auto parts stores can run a check for you also.

Where is transmission shift solenoid located on a 1999 Mazda protege?

its inside the transmission by the oil pan

My 1989 Mazda 626 it will start some times when it doesn't start it will just click i have replaced the battery starter battery cables and the neutral safety switch what could it be?

Probably starter solenoid switch

How do you replace the starter on a 1989 Mazda 323?

Disconnect the battery. The starter is located on the back side of the engine (the side closest to the firewall). Undo the main battery cable from the starter solenoid (held in place with a nut and washer). Disconnect the two smaller leadwires (push-on connector) from the solenoid. There are three bolts holding the starter to the bellhousing and either one or two bolts holding the support bracket from the starter to the engine block. Remove all the bolts and then the starter can be taken out by passing it underneath the intake/injection manifold and taking out the passenger side of the engine compartment (right side if facing forward). Cheers Malcolm