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Where is the starter located on a 1990 GMC Jimmy?


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2011-10-18 19:20:00
2011-10-18 19:20:00

starter on 1990 jimmy is located on passenger side of motor under the sparkplugs. You have to reach it from underneath the vehicle. It is round and long in shape the size of a MASON jar. Italso has at least 2 wires attached to it.


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My 2000 GMC Jimmy is slow cranking. The battery voltage meter is showing charged so I am assuming that the starter is the problem. Where do I find the starter to remove it?

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on the side of the steering column you put your key in it and turn

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where is my voltage regulator located on my 1997 gmc jimmy

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The starter for a 2002 GMC truck is located on the passenger side of the block by the transmission.

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