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Where is the starter motor in a 1995 vw polo 1300cc?

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Not sure exactly where but I do know it is to the back of the engine in a very awkward to get to place

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How do you replace starter motor on a 1997 vw polo?

There are some detailed articles on changing starter motors at ;

Where is the starter motor to be found on a 98 vw 14 cl polo?

If you look into the engine bay from the front, on the left of the engine block near the front. Follow the drive belt down.

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How do I replace rear brakes on a VW Polo GTI

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Chain. :) Im A VW Mechanic

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I have a vw polo 2000 that had ecu problems, so we disconnected the battery then the ecu from the car and left it for he day. The next morning we reconnected it and that reset it. hope it works for you too

Where is the air intake flap on a vw polo 1.2SE?

it's just under the polen front of filter, before the motor.

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