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the starter on this car is difficult to get to. its located under the back of the intake manifold. its bolted to the car by two torx bolts through the bell housing on the transmission (if you look under the car at the trans toward the engine its the upper left of the bell housing). also you have cables that go to the starter, if you can sneak your hand up underneith the car up along the bell housing and try to unscrew them, there a 10mm, 8mm and 13mm nuts, however that's very hard to do, i suggest taking out the airbox, and all airtubing that goes to the throttle and then sneak down from the top of the engine to loosen the wires, then sneak the starter down the bown the side of the trans, or at this point once its loose take it out anyway you see fit. hope this helps

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Q: Where is the starter on your 1999 BMW 328 E46?
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Does an E46 BMW 328 have a cam belt?

The BMW m52 has a timing chain not a timing belt. there is no maintenance on the chain it is made for the life of the engine.

Where did BMW launch the E46 M3?

The BMW E46 M3 was first launched in Germany where the first BMW E46 M3 was built. The BMW E46 M3 was first introduced in October 2000 and was produced from 2001 to 2006.

How much horsepower does a 2001 BMW 328 have?

The M52TUB28 engine fitted to the 2001 BMW E46 328i produces 193 hp / 142 kW at 5500 rpm.

Does 1999 BMW e46 have timing chain or belt?

Timing chain. All E36 and E46 models use a timing chain.

What is the difference between 1999 BMW 328i and a 2000 BMW 328i?

There is none. E46's were updated in 2001 and 2003.

How long will a 1998 BMW 328i engine last?

I have had two BMW cars one e46 and one e36 both 328 engines the e36 ran well over 200k before I sold and only did to get an e46 the car was running perfectly, the e46 well in to 180k and again upgraded to a 330 ci currently with 200k on the clock runs perfect

Can an e46 BMW m3 differential fit an e46 BMW 330ci?

yes, but you would have to get an m3 subframe to go with it...LOTS of $$$

Will head lights off a 2000 Bmw e46 fit a BMW 2002 325 e46?

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A wiring diagram for BMW e46?

The only place you will ever need for detailed schematics for ALL parts in the BMW E46

Cylinder head torque settings for 1999 BMW e46 m52 tu?

40nm + 90degrees +90 degrees.

What are the BMW e46?

E46 is the chassis identification code that BMW uses internally to distinguish between its production cars. Basically the E46 was the 3-Series BMW produced between 1998-2005. This includes all the variants, displacements, and trim levels.

Where can you get BMW e46 wiring diagram?


Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on a BMW e46?

I belive it to be built into the fuel filter on the e46

What is the maximum speed of a BMW E46?

The BMW E46 has a maximum speed of 155 mph when electronic limitations are placed on it and 192 mph when there are no limits. These are the European specifications.

Is a BMW 318 Ci a E46?

What year is car but almost certain its a e46 model cheers jinxy

Where are the relays on a BMW e46?

Behind the glove compartment!

What kind of cars does Pakistanes drive?

Bmw e46

Do BMW E60 wheels fit BMW E46?

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How much does it cost for BMW to replace cam belt on E46 1999 BMW 323?

Inferior technology is only used on inferior cars. BMW stopped using belt timing in the early nineties. They all have chains.

Where is the fuse box BMW e46?

The fuse box on a BMW e46 is located just below the steering column. It is positioned beside the hood release and is readily accessible by the owner.

Does a BMW E46 330i have a cambelt?

No the camshafts are chain driven.

Does a 2001 BMW E46 have a timing belt or chain?


What is the capacity of BMW E46 fuel tank?

73 liters

Where to find engine number on BMW e46?

on the tip :P

How do you wire smd angel eyes on BMW e46?