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Where is the suspension button or switch on a Lincoln Navigator?


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2007-09-27 22:05:28
2007-09-27 22:05:28

On the 1998-2002 it is located on the passenger side front up behind the dash board.

On the 2003-2006 it is at the rear of the vehicle. Open the rear hatch, behind the driver's side 3rd row seat, on the side wall with the rear AC blower, is an access door, open it, the switch is in there.

On the 2007-up the main computer controls the suspension, turning it off is done through the message center.


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If your navigator has air suspension then the switch located in the rear driver side panel where the air suspension switch is right below the suspension switch. hope that helps.

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Lincoln Navigator suspension compressor relay switch is located on the firewall. The switch will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

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Under the dash on the passenger side to the right of the glove box is a air suspension and fuel cut of switch. It will say which button each is for.

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On a 2000 Lincoln Navigator : The switch for turning OFF the air suspension compressor is located in the front passenger footwell , by the kick panel

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There is a switch on the side wall up behind the glovebox. It's a rocker switch.

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