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Where is the temperature sensor on a 6 cylinder 1997 Jeep Cherokee?


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look next to the firewall on the head . just under the valve cover and it will only have one wire going to it There are actually TWO on my 1996 4.0L XJ. One on the front - top of the head, and one on the driver's side-top of the head next to the rockerbox. The front sensor feeds the computer, the side sensor feeds the idiot light or temperature gauge.


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The IAT is located on the side of the throtle body.

If it is a 1997 or older it is in the tail housing of the trans. If it is a 1998 or newer the speedometer signal comes from the rear axle speed sensor on top of the rear axle.

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The governor sensor has to do with transmission fluid pressure.

The 1997 Ford Explorer ambient temperature sensor can be found on the bottom of the drivers side mirror. The engine coolant temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine.

It means your coolant sensor is bad and needs replaced.

It is the two wire sensor next to the thermostat housing.

The oil pressure sensor on a 1997 V8 is on the top rear of the engine next to the distributor.

On the V8 it is on the passenger side top of the transmission bell housing, on the six cylinder it is on the driver side top of the transmission bell housing.

It's probably not bad, all those screens flash coolant temp sensor & there is no issue. Your chasing a ghost

The coolant temperature sensor on a 1997 Lincoln Continental is located on top of the engine, near the upper radiator hose. It constantly relays the engine's temperature to the computer.

From Owners manual for my 1997 Jeep Cherokee 4 liter 6 cylinder engine, it shows 6 us quarts

The crankshaft position sensor on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 L is on the top driver side of the transmission bell housing.

The IAT (Intake Air Temperature) Sensor is a Two (2) Wire sensor located close to the intake.

On a 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7, the temperature sensor is located below the air intake. The sensor should be accessible without having to remove any other parts.

The 1997 Acura intake air temperature sensor is located on the air filter housing. The sensor will be on the right hand side of the air filter housing.

its bolted to the cylinder block near the rear of the right cylinder head

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