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This is located just left of center halfway down the pulley side of the engine. For an even better idea, look at the belt mapping sticker under the hood of the car, it will be pointed out as to it's location. To replace, pull the front right wheel, remove the 2 piece mud guards behind it. You'll be looking at the bottom bolt which you can remove very quickly. The top bolt you will have to work a bit more for, it's above. I removed mine working from the top down with an offset metric box wrench. Once it was broken loose it spun free by hand. Good luck.

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Q: Where is the tensioner pulley on a 1998 Saturn SL1?
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autozone will do it for you for free.

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With mine, it tends to be a signal that it is low on oil. Check your fluids and top off any that are low and see if that helps. --------------------------------------------- Check your tensioner and pulley

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My son's 1999 Salvaged/total Saturn SL1 was rebuilt using many engine and body parts from 1995-1999 Saturn SL1 and SL2 cars, I believe it will work fine. I do not recommend before 1995 or 2000 or later models. I do not recommend SL2 either. I am not the expert but most of my son's engine is not 1999 SL1. Good luck!

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Yes, it's inside the fuse/relay panel.

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1100 at the dealer. expect 800 at a local mechanic

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The cam chain tension on a 1996 Saturn SL1 cannot be reset from outside of the motor. It will have to be accessed inside the motor. It is also a good idea to check and make sure it is not simply a broken timing guide.

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Use a wrench and pull down the tension pulley then just slide off starting w/AC

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The starter on a 2001 Saturn SL1 is located on the driver's side of the engine. It is just to the left and in front of the alternator/generator.

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Saturns have optional 15" tires; so, as long as they are both the same diameter, yes.

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yes that is my question