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There is a fuse panel under the back seat, remove the back seat and you will see it, it looks similar to the under hood fuse block(has a cover on it) It has many fuses for functions inside the car, im not sure if that's where the lighter fuse is located but it may very well be if you cant find it elsewhere

You're right on the fuse box. It's the one under the rear seat. My owners manual for the '98 PA says there are three fuses that handle the cig lighters... #22, 26, and 27. I found that the #22 fuse was burned. the other two were OK but I still do not have power to the back seat lighters. Don't know why.

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What fuse number is the cigarette lighter on a 1998 Buick century custom?

= What fuse number is the cigarette lighter on a 1998 Buick century custom? =

What size is the fuse for cigarette lighter?

What size is fuse for cigarette lighter on Buick Ladner 2001

Which fuse does the cigarette lighter use in a 1997 Buick LeSabre?


Cigarette lighter does not work on 1999 buick century?

Check the fuses

Radio stop working in buick park avenue but cigarette lighter works?

It's a fuse, there is one for your lighter and one for your radio, even if its marked for both. Both of these (a lighter and radio) draw to much energy for one fuse at the same time.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse in a 1999 Buick lesabre?

location fuse bloc 1999 buick sebra

What amp is the fuse for the cigarette lighter on a 1997 Buick le Sabre?


Where is the cigarette lighter fuse in a 1996 Buick century?

In the fuse panel in the dash.

What is the cigarette lighter fuse number for the 2002 buick rendevous?

hood fuse 32

Where is the fuse for cigarette lighter for 2000 buick park ave?

in Fuse box under the back seat (yes; I couldnt believe it either) fuses 22,26,27 for the cig lighters.

Where is the fuse box on the 1990 Buick Riviera for the cigarette lighter?

There are two hidden carpeted doors on each side of the center counsel by your calf. Driver side has most of your aux. IE: cigarette lighter.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a Buick?

it is 9b in the fuse panel under the dash below the steering wheel

Where is cigarette lighter fuse in 2005 Buick Rendevouz and what fuse is it?

It is a 20 amp fuse. Fuse Number 32 in the Fuse Panel UNDER the HOOD. Good Luck , BILL

When Did The Buick Park Avenue Start?

The Buick Park Avenue Started In 1991

Where is the cigarette lighter in a Buick Terraza?

It's below the cup holder, just off the floor. We had a hard time finding it, too!

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse on a Buick Rendezvous?

It is located in the fuse box of the car. It is normally labeled accessory or cig, on the diagram in the owners manual.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter on a 1998 Buick Skylark?

It should be listed in your owner's manual. If in doubt, try removing the negative cable from your battery.

Does a 1999 Buick park avenue transmission fit in a 1995 Buick regal?

Depends on the engine the Park Avenue had in it.

Show a diagram of a Buick park avenue engine?

show a diagram of a buick park avenue crankshaft sensor

Is a 97 Buick park avenue fuel pump interchangeable?

Yes, with another 1997 Buick Park Avenue.

What is the fuse for 2001 Buick Century Cigarette Lighter?

It is under the hood near the battery in the fuse box. The cover of the box tells you what number fuse you are looking for.

What causes bad idle in 1997 Buick park avenue ultra?

what is the down side of the 1997 buick park avenue

Will 22 inch rims fit on 2003 Buick park avenue?

Yes i have 22x8.5 on a 97 Buick park avenue

How do you change the cigarette lighter fuse in a 2003 buick century?

Go into your fuse box (located on the passenger side of your vehicle on the panel). The cover will show you the location of the lighter fuse. Replace fuse with same wattage fuse as you remove.

Where is the neutral safety switch on buick park avenue?

Depends on front wheel or rear wheel drive, if it is Front wheel drive it is under the shift linkage on top of the transmission, have someone shift the car while you look under the hood, if it is rear wheel drive it is one of two places, either at the bottom of the steering column or on the side of the transmission that one looks like a cigarette lighter (that size)