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Where is the the fuse for the cigarette lighter on a 2003 Buick Park Avenue since is not on either the under the hood fuse panel or the under dash fuse panel?


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There is a fuse panel under the back seat, remove the back seat and you will see it, it looks similar to the under hood fuse block(has a cover on it) It has many fuses for functions inside the car, im not sure if that's where the lighter fuse is located but it may very well be if you cant find it elsewhere

You're right on the fuse box. It's the one under the rear seat. My owners manual for the '98 PA says there are three fuses that handle the cig lighters... #22, 26, and 27. I found that the #22 fuse was burned. the other two were OK but I still do not have power to the back seat lighters. Don't know why.