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Where is the thermostat located and how do you replace it on a 2000 Chevy Venture?


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2008-02-14 14:54:00
2008-02-14 14:54:00

Thermostat is located on left side of engine under the throttle body.

Follow the upper radiator hose back to the engine and you will find the thermostat housing there. Take Care, Greg

Very nice but what is the procedure to replace the thermostat. The throttle control and all kind of gadgets look like they need to be removed. Whats necessary. I just did the thermostat change,because mine was stuck open. Not too difficult. First remove the rubber hose and air cleaner lid and filter to give you some working space. Then carefully remove all the electrical plugs, there are about five or six of them coming off the wire harness. Then remove the screws and studs from the throttle body,there will be four of them. Next remove the throttle body. Now you can get to the thermostat. There are two bolts on the houseing. Remove the two bolts. Remove housing and old thermostat. The rear bolt on the houseing is a real pain, use a short 13mm wrench.Then put it all back together. DONT FORGET TO BURP THE SYSTEM OF AIR POCKETS! Edubs When he says that the back housing bolt is a pain, he's not kidding. Make sure that the engine is completely cooled down. Notice the black metal line that runs in front of the housing? To make it slightly easier, you want to move it as much as you can. First, disconnect the two hoses from that line that are directly above the housing. Then follow the metal line around the front of the engine to its starting point on the passenger side. There is one bolt holding it in place, and another hose. Disconnect both, then move that line out of your way as best as you can. Good luck!! Drake


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The thermostat on a 2001 Chevrolet Venture 6-cylinder 2-wheel drive car is located where the radiator hose ends. A replacement thermostat for a 2001 Chevy Venture is priced between $8.00 and $11.00 depending on where you buy it.

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it is located next to the crossover pipe for the exhaust. you have to remove it to get to the thermostat housing.

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where do i find the thermostat for 99 cavalier

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The thermostat is located in the thermostat housing at the engine end of the top radiator hose.

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on the right side of the motor The thermostat is beneath the throttle body & behind the exhaust crossover pipe. It's a ridiculously big job considering it's only a thermostat you're trying to replace

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