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I just replaced mine, just behind the top of the radiator, a hose runs from left to right. This hose is also just below the air filter box and the battery box and therefore difficult to see. Just about at the right end of the air filter box the hose has a hard plastic T pipe that branches off in a downward direction. At the lower end of this you'll find the thermostat mounted on a triangular flange and held in place with 3 bolts. The output of this then transitions into about 4" length of hose again before transitioning to an matal pipe that is kind of J shaped. The lower 4" section of hose is held in place by two spring clips, these are a pain to get to by the way. I found it easiest to remove the hose from the thermostat with it still bolted in place, similarly I bolted the new thermostat in place before replacing the hose. This way you have something relatively solid to pull or push the hose against. With that said the J pipe is also a tight fit in the space so none of this is easy to get to, it doesn't help that there is some kind of sensor mounted on the engine just adjacent to the J pipe.

For reference mine is a 2003 2.5L engine.

One more thought! I recently had the water pump replaced and therefore assumed the thermostat was responsible for my overheating. Having just replaced the thermostat and refilled with fluid I just found one of the pipe connections on the coolant reservoir had broken off resulting in a loss of pressure therefore allowing the coolant to boil. Unfortunately I didn't fill it before hand assuming it was the stat and not wanting to have all that fluid drain when I took the stat off. So my thermostat replacement efforts were likely all for nothing!

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Where is the Thermostat jaguar s-type 4.0?

jaguar s type 4.2 type thermostat diagram

What 2003 Jaguar models had recalls?

The 2003 Jaguar S-Type and X-Type were recalled. The 2003 XK-Series was also recalled.

What causes overheating in a 2004 jaguar s-type?

if v8 it is usually water pump. rarely is it the thermostat.

Where is the radio antenna located in the 2003 Jaguar S-Type?

It is on the rear screen it looks like the heated rear window element, the top 3 are the antenna

How do you replace the cigarette lighter on 2003 jaguar x-type?

Fix the lighter? HA! Just buy a new Jaguar.

What type of freon is used in a 2003 jaguar type x?


Where is the location of the fuel filter on 2003 s type jaguar?

The fuel filter is located in the left front wheel well. It is behind the splash guard.

How do you let down the back seat in a 2003 s type jaguar?

how do i let diwn the back seat of a jaguar

What is the oil capacity of a 2003 jaguar x type?

6.1qts with filter

How much is a 2003 jaguar x type worth?


Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2003 jaguar s type?

The 2003 Jaguar S Type does not have a transmission dipstick. These vehicles were manufactured in a manner that the transmission fluid levels can only be checked by professional service technicians.

Why is your check engine light and cruise control not available message displayed on Jaguar X Type 2003?

I've had this problem, it appears to be due to low engine temperature, in my case caused by a defective thermostat.

Where is the Location of the thermostat 2000 jaguar s type?

thermostat is located between the rad and the engine under the throttle body inside the aluminum thermostat housing which has two screws holding is together and three medium size water hoses come out of the thermostat Housing.Undo the three clamps holding the three hoses to the housing then the thermostat housing will come out,then unscrew the two screws holding the thermostat housing together then you will find the thermostat.

Where is the cabin filter located in 2004 X-type jaguar?

The cabin filter in the 2004 x type jaguar is in the same place as the 2003 s type jaguar. it is under the hood on the passenger side under the plastic cowling. you need to remove the 5 plastic clips and both wipers then pry it off starting from the passenger side

Where is the stsrter relay in Jaguar type S?

The starter relay in a Jaguar type S is located at the bottom of the engine, next to the fly wheel.

Where is the manifold located on a 2000 s type jaguar?

Inlet or Exhaust?

Where is the fuel pump located on the 2002 s type jaguar 4.0?

It is located inside the gas tank

Where is the radio antenna located in the 2002 Jaguar S-Type?

i think it's in the rear window

Location of Thermostat for 2001 jaguar s type?

under hood left side rear 23" down mounted on firewall

How many quarts of Oil does a 2003 jaguar s-type need?

800 gallons

What grade gasoline does the 2003 Jaguar X-Type take?

92 Octane or higher.

Where is the fuel tank on a jaguar s type?

located in the truck behind the wheel cover

How should i troubleshoot a 2003 jaguar s type which has the check engine light illuminated?

Unless you are a certified Jaguar mechanic, you dont... You need to take it in to the dealer.

How do I set up a phone in a 2003 Jaguar X type?

you would either have to buy a parrot if your phone is not the jaguar one. If you buy the proper jaguar phone it just plugs in under the arm rest.

Where is the radio antenna located in a 2003 s type Jaguar?

In the and part of the rear window glass... it's one of the loops amongst the demister wires, Sat Nav, remote aerials and so on.

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