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follow the lower radiator hose to where it is clamped to the motor...remove the part where the hose was clamped to, and Viola...also You should be able to find a shop manual at your local library with the right info...make copies as they are usually only in the REFERENCE section....good luck:)

Detach alternator, and servopump, and you see the thermostat housing from under the car.

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Q: Where is the thermostat on a 1992 Audi 100?
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Where is the thermostat on an 93 Audi cs 100?

On a 1993 Audi CS 100, the thermostat is in the engine block. It is under the housing where the upper radiator hose is connected.

Where is the thermostat on 1992 Audi 100 cs quattro well the car is over heating you change the water pump but is still over heating and you think it might be the thermostat?

I am not familiar with the Audi, but on most cars, the thermostat is at the point where the top hose leaves the engine to go to the radiator. A bad thermostat can make your car overheat. If it has not been changed since 1992 it should have been changed long ago.

Where is the thermostat on an Audi?

answer the thermostat is located between the radiators and the engine in an Audi.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1993 Audi?

which audi?

Where is the thermostat on a 93 Audi 100 cs?

The thermostat housing is located on the passengers side of the engine block, behind the timing belt.

Where is the thermostat Audi 80 1987?

where is the thermostat in Audi 80 1987 years old 55 kw

Exactly where is the thermostat housing on a 1993 Audi 100 quattro?

Look at the engine end of the upper radiator hose

How do you replace the thermostat in a 1989 Audi 100?

Replacing a thermostat on a 1989 Audi 100 should take an estimated 15 minutes. First you will need to disconnect the radiator hose by taking off the two clamps. Then you will remove the two bolts holding the housing in place. After the bolts are removed, the old thermostat can be taken out and replaced with a new one.

Which Audi is not a compact car Audi 100 Audi 50 or A2?

Audi 100

Would a head light from a 1991 Audi 100 fit in a 1993 Audi 90?

NO. The headlight assemblies were changed starting with the 1992 models.

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1998 Audi A4?

how do you replace the thermostat on Audi A-6 year 1998 model quadro. 2.8 cilinders

Where is thermostat located on 1995 Audi 90?

where is the thermostst on 1995 audi 90

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