Where is the transmission dip stick for 2003 VW Jetta Wagon?

Listen guys for the Transmission on a lot of this new cars I answer that earlier today like on the New Beetle they have a sealed transm with the speed sensor on top the speed sensor its a 2 part with a elec connector unplug connector and with a crescent wrench you can take out the speed sensor and the dipstick that has a small gear to send the signal to the sensor etc. that dipstick at the end has like a 1/4" of it that your fluid should be up to there. Fluid should be good for over 10 yrs...next to that you will see a rubber nip or so that's your seal cap just in case you have to put fluid or want to change it You need to know a bit of mech if you are going to try it yourself, but then again there is always WikiAnswers to Help