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Glove box

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Q: Where is the trunk release on a 1993 buick regal custom?
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Can you open the trunk of a 92 custom without punching out the trunk lock Missing key?

I have an buick regal custom 1992 and in my glove box there is a trunk release button. yellow. Not sure if this is a standard

Does the 1999 buick regal have a manual trunk release button?

Check in the glove compartment.

Where is the trunk release button on the 1998 Buick regal?

Usually they are in the glove box, but they could be located on the floor, in front of the seat, on the drivers side, or on the drivers door itself. The 1998 Buick Regal unfortunately does not have a manual trunk release. There are kits available to add a manual trunk release, however.

Does the 1999 Buick Regal have a trunk release button inside that is not in the glove box?

No, the only release is in the glove box.

Does the 2011 buick regal have a trunk release button?

NO, only button it has is on remote and manual open on trunk door, when car is unlocked.

Where is the trunk release in a 2001 buick regal?

Inside the glove box on the left side. There is a button. Push it.

Do you have to only use the button on your keys or your trunk key to access the trunk on a 99 Buick Regal?

No, look inside the glove box, on the left hand side, there should be a YELLOW button that says "trunk" on it. This will also release the trunk.

How do you access the third brake light on an '89 Buick Regal Custom?

you have to remove the housing nuts from the inside the trunk; it is very akward getting to them; then you should be able to get at it from there or from lifting the unit out from the inside of your car.

Can I get into the trunk through the back seats of my 1992 Buick Regal 3800 4 door?


Where is a 1992 Buick regal trunk release button?

I found mine to be on the lower section of the door frame, Next to the gas cap release. It may have been specially ordered, Not sure.

How do you replace a rear turn signal bulb on a 1994 Buick Regal?

Unscrew nuts in the trunk were the lights are.

How do you remove rear speakers on 1999 buick regal?

The rear speakers on a 1999 Buick Regal are removed by accessing the speakers from the trunk. The mounting bolts and then removed, the wires disconnected, and the speakers lowered from their mounts.

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