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Where is the vin number on a 1988 Volvo WAI tractor There is NO vin inside the ds door or dash Is the vin stamped in the frame and if so WHERE?

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2009-04-01 14:34:00
2009-04-01 14:34:00

- On the door frame/door post of the front doors

- On the dash near the windshield

- On the engine itself (machined pad on front of engine)

- On the firewall

- In the left-hand inner wheel arch

- On the steering wheel/steering column

- On the radiator support bracket

- On your tractors title, registration, guarantee/maintenance book or on the declarations page of your insurance policy.

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There'll be a sticker inside the door frame on the driver's side with this information on it.

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The 2005 Volvo truck vehicle identification number plate can be found on the dashboard. The identification plate will be on the drivers side of the dashboard.

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