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Fernandez Auto Glass and Repair considerate enough to put your stickies for your iPass back on the windshield. If you need anything auto glass related, even door handles, Fernando Auto Glass and Repair is the place to go in Chicago.

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Q: Where might one go for a glass repair of a car?
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Are there services for car window repair that will come to my home?

Many car window repair services will come to your home or office to repair your window. Companies such as Safelite, Glass Doctor, 89 Glass and Speedy Glass have service locators so you can find one near you.

How do you repair chipped glass?

Consult a glazier. They'll be in the phone book, and you might find one who'll give you tips over the phone. If the glass is valuable, you'll need to give it to a professional to repair; your insurance might cover this.

Where can one find a glass repair company?

Glass repair companies can be found in the local yellow pages or through word-of-mouth. Two popular glass repair companies in Canada include Speedy Glass and Apple Auto Glass.

Where can one compare rates for a car repair loan?

One can compare rates for a car repair loan online. The best website to compare rates for a car repair is Bankrate's website. They offer detailed comparison of car repair loan rates.

Okay to use panels for car repair?

There are fender repair panels that can be used to replace a fender. You would have to find one specific for your model of car. That option might be overkill, though, as it might be cheaper to just fix the dent without fixing the whole thing.

What companies can fix my windshield at my house?

There are many mobile glass and windshield repair companies who will come to where your car is during work hours. One company that is fairly widespread is Safelite Auto Glass, and they are known for traveling to you to fix your auto glass.

Where could one find a company that specialises in repairing broken glass?

Many hardware and home improvement stores have a glass repair service or could recommend some other company that could repair the glass. Angie's List is another place to find a professional who could repair broken glass.

Can you show the necessary tools you prepare for repairs?

The necessary tools one would require for repair depends on what type of repair one wants to do. For car repair one would enlist tools such as wrenches and air tools. For wood working, one might look to saws, glue, nails and a hammer.

Transmission repair cost for a 86 cutlass supreme?

it cost hellas u might as well buy another car or sell that one.

What oil does one use to repair a squeaky sliding glass door?


Where can I go to get my auto glass repaired?

You can look in your local yellow pages or to find a good glass repair shop. There are many types of glass repair shops and it should be easy to find a decent one in your area.

What tools are used to repair a foreign car?

The same ones which are used to repair a domestic one...

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