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i`m not sure about the timing because there`s either a straight 6 or the hurricane 4 engines for that year,carburated of course. if its misfiring, it could be due to the plug wires .they might be incorectly in stalled on the could also be dirty fuel and/or air filters. i would check the filters first(air) ,then check to see if the plug wires are in the right firing order on the cap. if your still having problems let me know, i`ll see if i can help.thanks,walt

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What you can do for misfiring in ford exepidition 2003?

Check all the spark plug pockets for water or coolant. They should be dry.

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try pulling the fuses marked ecm their should be two There is a relay in the glove box (there are 4 1 large and 3 small it is a small one). Pulling that will keep pump from running this will allow engine to crank but not start

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What do code p0304 mean on a 99 expedition?

the number 4 cylinder in the engine is misfiring. that SUV should have an ignition coil on plug which is a common problem.

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Will a snap on scanner tell you which cylinder is misfiring on a 1997 5.4 liter Triton?

Any of the good code readers should tell you which cylinder is miss fireing.

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