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gm ohc 2.0 timing marksHi I just finished a cylinder head and timing belt on a 1993 Sunbird 2.0 sohc the camshaft sprocket should have a line at the front face of it which should be at about 12:00 and line up with the notch in the back plate behind the belt and gears also the crank sprocket should have a u shaped notch or dot which lines up with a notch at 6:00 position and the water pump does not matter where is


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Q: Where should the timing mark on the cam gear be when setting cam to the piston at number 1TDC for a Pontiac 2.0L L4 SOHC?
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Should be 12 degrees before top dead center

What is the timing setting for a Pontiac H.O 455 engine?

Should be 12 degrees before top dead center

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should be passengerside front,(right behind alt.

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