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Q: Where to buy Remington hedge trimmer in Canada?
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Where online other than eBay or Amazon can someone purchase the Remington Trimmer online?

If one does not wish to buy from Amazon or eBay one can purchase a Remington Trimmer can be bought online from John Lewis. The product can also be purchased from Argos and in the United States from Walmart.

Where can I buy a paper trimmer?

Amazon ,wall mart and ebay are the best options to buy paper trimmer .

What type of trimmer is the cheapest to buy?

Dollar for dollar an electric trimmer will cost less to purchase.

What's the most powerful electric trimmer you can buy?

Black & Decker NHT518 is one of the best type of electric trimmer with power that you can buy.

Hedge Trimmers-Where can you buy a new 18 volt battery for a Task Force hedge trimmer model No.22013?

Found it at the Lowe's website, which is probably one of the poorest websites for trying to find stuff. Do a search for 250294 at the Lowe's site and you'll see it, $19.96, and available 10/11/09.

Where I can buy a nose hair trimmer?

You can buy a nose hair trimmer at your local Walmart. If you do not have a Walmart in your city, you can buy a nose hair trimmer at Target. If you do not have Target, you can get one at your local CVS or Walgreens.

Were to buy parts for lesco grass trimmers?

were can i buy parts for lesco grass trimmer

Where can you buy a hedge hog?

China. They sell everything there.

Where can I buy a nose hair trimmer and which one should I buy?

The Panasonic nose trimmer has a 4.7 rating. You can buy one at several retailers, for example, Best Buy, Walgreens, Walmart, among others. It can also be purchased online.

Where can I buy parts for a cordless string trimmer?

You can buy parts for a cordless string trimmer at Another site is

Where to buy Remington chainsaw parts in Canada?

Ypu could but the parts on criegslists, ebay or canadain tire , home depot or princess auto

Where can I buy a nose hair trimmer?

You can buy a nose hair trimmer almost anywhere, such as best buy, staples, beauty cosmetic store or even walgreens, walmart, target, and all the big brand name department stores.

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