Where to catch Infernape in Pokemon indigo?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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it is imposible

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Q: Where to catch Infernape in Pokemon indigo?
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How to get my Infernape level 100 in Pokemon indigo?

Train it

Where can you find Infernape on Pokemon indigo?

start with chimchar start with chimchar

Where do you catch torchic in Pokemon indigo?

You can catch Torchic in the Lavaridge Town Gym in Pokemon Indigo.

Can you catch shaymin in Pokemon indigo online?

No it didn't exist in Pokemon indigo.

What lv does monferno evolve in Pokemon indigo?

It evolves into Infernape starting at level 36.

Can you catch a CPU opponents Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?


Where to catch a horseas on Pokemon indigo?

I have no idea but Pokemon Indigo is a fake so i doubt anybody will.

How do you catch a starter Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

the starters have been released on the maps of pokemon indigo on this newest ver so you can catch them quite easily now

Can you catch other peoples Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?


How do you catch other people's Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

you dont

Can you catch a kabuto in Pokemon indigo?


Where can you catch Infernape in Pokemon black version?

Infernape is one of the Sinnoh starters therefore it can't be caught. You have to transfer it.