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Route 119 is the best place, but he is a hard fish to catch... if you try, fish around the rocks in the river, once you catch one, breed it or catch more in the same spot you caught the first one...

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โˆ™ 2011-01-26 01:55:55
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Q: Where to catch feebas?
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In Pokemon diamond where can you catch feebas?

You can catch a Feebas in the northern part of Mt. Cornet

Can you catch feebas in the rain?

The Rain does not affect the Appearance or Catch Rate of Feebas, so yes, you can.

Old rod Feebas?

You can catch Feebas with any rod.

Where can you catch a Feebas in Pokemon Diamond?

You catch feebas in the four tiled waters in the bottom of Mt. Coronet.

In pearl is it better to catch a feebas with a good rod or a super rod?

It is better to catch Feebas with a Super Rod.

Does it matter what time of Day it is to catch Feebas?

There doesn't seem to be an exact time to catch Feebas, they are just really really really hard to catch.

Do you have to use a super rod to catch feebas?

No, but your Feebas will be alot stronger in levels if you do?

How do you catch Milotic in Pokemon Emerald?

Actually, it's impossible to catch Milotic in any Pokemon Game. But, it's possible to catch its pre-evolution, Feebas. To catch Feebas in Pokemon Emerald, there is a complicated way. But, I know that you can catch Feebas in Route 119. Hope I helped :)

How do you catch shiny feebas?


How do you get Milotic in sapphire?

catch a feebas

Can you catch feebas with a old rod?


How do you catch Feebas in Pokemon Omega Ruby?

You can catch Feebas in Pokemon Omega Ruby in water, and by learning its evolved milotic form.

How do you catch Feebas in Pokemon ruby?

feebas can be caught in any waters of route 199.

How do you catch milotic in Pokemon platinum?

you cant exactly catch a milotic but you can catch a feebas at mt.cornet and feed it dry poffins. its a low chance of catching a feebas though

Were to catch feebas in diamond and Pearl?

In Mt. Coronet on the water - but it is really really hard to catch. I have feebas eggs is you would like to have one.

How do you catch a feebas without a super rod?

you can catch feebas by using a good rod..however, chances are small compared to super rod

Where do you catch milotic on Pokemon platinum?

you can't catch milotic, you have to get a feebas and max out its beauty using poffins a feebas is a small ugly fish u have 2 catch somwer

What rod can be used to catch feebas at Pokemon emerald?

You can't catch a feebas in the Hoenn region. In the Sinnoh region you could catch it with any rod. It doesn't matter. :0)

How do you catch feebas in Pokemon pearl?

Feebas in in the top right corner in the water in Pastoria City.

What floors and where do you get a feebas?

you can catch feebas near the whether institute using old rod.hope these help

Where do you catch a Feebas on Pokemon Diamond?

the ocean

How to catch a feebas?

See the related link

What level can you catch feebas?

w is your game ?

Where do you catch feebas in mt coronet?

In the cave.

Can you catch feebas with super rod?