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Q: Where to find out the price of Cessna aircraft?
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Related questions

Price of cessna?

$111,500 to $21,721,000 Cessna manufactures aircraft of different sizes.

Where can you find electrical diagram of a Cessna CE 550 aircraft?

From the Cessna factory.

What is the price list of a Cessna?

Single engine aircraft to Cessna's Citations range from $111,500 to $27 million new.

Where can a Cessna aircraft for sale be found?

A Cessna aircraft can be found on sale online at a website called AircraftDealer. Visit the site by going to You will find many aircraft for sale classifieds. If you need help, they can directly help you find the aircraft you need. One can also find it on Trade a Plane, ASO, BarnStormers and Controller as well as the official Cessna website.

Where can one find images of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk?

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a small light aircraft first flown in 1955. Images of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk can be found on line and in aircraft industry literature.

When was the Cessna Aircraft Company founded?

The Cessna Aircraft Company was founded in 1927. The Cessna Aircraft Company is an American general aviation aircraft manufacturing corporation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.

Where can one find reviews for the Cessna 185?

The Cessna 185 is a six seat single engined light aircraft. The Cessna 185 aircraft has six seats. Check out bananahobby for a review. Another site you can look at is bush-planes.

Where can one find a Cessna 180 airplane for sale online?

You can find Cessna 180 airplanes from a variety of online retailers such as eBay and Trade-A-Plane dot com. You can also find this type of aircraft at Aircraft For Sale dot com.

Is all Cessna aircraft is light aircraft?

No, Cessna also has the Citation series (Business jet's) and caravans (Turbo Props). Most Cessna's are light aircraft, Single Engine Piston. Except the Cessna 162, skycatcher which is an light sport aircraft, LSA.

Who founded the Cessna Aircraft Company?

Clyde Vernon Cessna founded the Cessna Aircraft Company in June 1911. It as since become the largest private aircraft producer in the world with more Cessna 172's built than any other aircraft in the world.

What is the airport code for Cessna Aircraft Field?

The airport code for Cessna Aircraft Field is CEA.

Is cessna 172 a multiengine aircraft?

No. The Cessna 172 is a single engine aircraft. It has a 4 seat cabin.

From where can one purchase a Cessna 152 aircraft?

There are many places where one can purchase a Cessna 152 aircraft. One can purchase a Cessna 152 aircraft at popular on the web sources such as Trade a Plane and Controller.

What does Cessna Aircraft produce?

Cessna Aircraft produces different types of airplanes- from medium sized company jets to singe engine airplanes. Cessna began in 1927 and is still a strong leader in aircraft production today.

What type of planes does Cessna Aircraft Company build?

The Cessna Aircraft Company builds many different types of aircrafts. These can be found on many different websites online. Some of the types of planes that they build are the Cessna CH-1, Cessna 206, Cessna 510 and the Cessna 750.

What is a cessna?

Cessna is an aircraft manufacturer based in Kansas. They make business jets, single-engine turboprops and high-wing piston single-engine airplanes, and they used to make twin-engine piston aircraft. Clyde Cessna preferred to design his aircraft with a high wing above the cockpit. Cessna aircraft usually have this feature.

Where can one find reviews on the Cessna Mustang?

Reviews of the Cessna Mustang airplane can be found on websites focusing on reviewing aircraft and flight experiences. For example the blog of Philip Greenspun has reviewed Cessna Mustang under the topic flying/cessna-mustang

Can you put the word cessna in a sentence?

I fly an aircraft which was manufactured by Cessna.

How long has Cessna Aircraft's been going for?

Cessna was founded in 1927

Which aircraft can withstand more turbulence- Cessna or Boeing?

Which Cessna and which Boeing?

What year was the Cessna 406 made?

The Cessna 406 executive aircraft first flew in 1983.

Who used a Cessna in 1911?

Clyde Cessna built his first aircraft in 1911. It was not much like toays sleek modern Cessnas.

Who invented the Cessna?

Clyde Vernon Cessna built his first aircraft in 1911.

Who first made the Cessna?

Clyde Cessna built his first aircraft in 1911

What is the price of 1980 Cessna 172?

Prices may vary wildly depending on the amount of hours on the aircraft and the aircraft condition. I have seen a 1978 Cessna 172 sell for $22,000 completely refurbished You should expect somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000