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Where to get wailord?

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The easiest way, in my opinion, is to catch a Wailmer with a fishing rod and then train it to level 40 where it will evolve. I think Wailords can be found in the wild although rarely. You can find out where here -émon)

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Is wailord good?

Wailord is awesome!!

What is bigger wailord or diglet?


What does wailord evolve into?

Wailord doesn't envolve

How do you get wailord in Pokemon Black?

wailord is in undella bay

Does it have to be wailord and relicanth?

Yes, it always has to be Wailord and Relicanth - Relicanth in the first slot and Wailord in the last in Ruby and Sapphire, and Wailord in the first slot and Relicanth in the last in Emerald.

What hp does wailord have at level 100?

wailord lv 50 =hp180-250 wailord lv100 =hp400-600 wailord increased hp per lv +5/6

How rare is wailord?

yes Its one of the rarest pokemons and i have a wailord card.

Where is wailord on Pokemon sapphire?

you need to evolve wailmer in order to get wailord

Is wailord or Groudon larger?

Wailord is the largest Pokemon followed by groudon.

How do you get wailord in pokemon white?

get wailmer and level it up in battle and you will have a wailord.

When do Wailord evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Wailord do not evolve any futher. They are the first and last evolution of Wailmer, who evolve into a Wailord on level 40.

What level dose wailord evolve?

A Wailmer will evolve into a Wailord at Lv. 42. That's it folks. Wailmer evolves into a Wailord at level 40

Where to find a wild wailord in Pokemon ruby?

You cannot catch Wailord. You can, however, catch Wailmer, which evolve into Wailord starting at level 40.

Where to catch waillord on ruby?

You get wailord in route 129 or evolve your wailmer into a wailord.

Does wailord learn sheer cold?

Wailord doesn't learn "Sheer Cold".

What level you get wailord in Pokemon emerald?

Wailmer evolves into Wailord at level 40.

What do you get when you breed skitty and wailord in Pokemon?

If you breed a female Skitty and a male Wailord then you get a Skitty but if you breed a female Wailord and a male Skitty then you'll get a Wailmer.

When does wailord learn water spout?

wailord learnes waterspout at level 41.and you could use wailord and relicanth to catch regirock,regiice,and registeel.

Does wailord evolve?

Wailord does not currently evolve into any pokemon, but it does have the pre-evolution wailmer.

What does wailord elove into?

Wailord doesn't evolve into anything. Its pre-evolve form is Wailmer.

Can you catch a wailord with a super rod in Pokemon emerald?

No, but a 45 wailmer is basically a wailord.

Do you need wailord to get the regis?

Yes, the process that unlocks the Regis' doors require a Wailord.

Why do you need a wailord to catch a registeel in emerald?

You do not need a Wailord to catch a Registeel in Pokemon Emerald. You may need a Wailord or any other water-type Pokemon to surf to the place where you catch Registeel, but other than that, you don't need a Wailord.

How do you get wailord in platinum?

You can capture a wailord in route 230. If you can not find it you better capture a wailmer and evolve it.

How do you get a wailord and relican in Pokemon emerald?

wailord you have to evole from wailmer and relican you find in dive mode.