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At the offices or headquarters of any law enforcement agency.

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Q: Where to register as a felon in Mississippi?
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Do you have to register as an ex-felon in las Vegas?

Do you have to register as a ex-felon in Henderson nv

Can felon drive wrecker in tn?

can a felon drive a wrecker in mississippi

Can a felon register a gun in South Dakota?

A felon, unless he petitions to have his rights restored, cannot even POSSESS a gun much less register one.

Does a convicted felon need to register in Las Vegas?


Can an ex-felon hunt in Mississippi?

A felon who is an ex-con can hunt in Mississippi - however, they may not do so with a firearm. To be an ex-felon, any and all felony convictions must have been overturned, and the conviction reversed.

Do you have to register a hand gun in Mississippi?


Can a convicted felon vote in long island new york?

i want to register to vote can i as an convicted felon in new york

Do you need to register as a convicted felon in nv?

Not unless you're a convicted sex offender and required to register by state law.

Do you have to register as an ex felon when moving to Colorado?

There is no such thing as an ex felon. A person who has been convicted of a felony remains a felon even after completing his/her sentence. There is no felon registry. People convicted of certain offenses must register, such as sex offenders. If you are on active probation or parole (even non-reporting), you must seek leave to move and transfer.

Can you register as a felon online?

Yes. By signing up for porn site. Video on demand.

Who helped register black voters in Mississippi?

Barbara Jordan

How much jail time for selling a firearm to a felon unknowingly in Mississippi?

If unknowingly, that is not a crime.

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