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Where to you pour transmission fluid in a 1985 GMC?


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September 02, 2007 11:10PM

Start the engine, leave your tranny in "P" (park) and set the parking brake.

Remove the Transmission fluid "dip stick", inset a funnel, and pour no more than one quart into the tube unless you are absolutely sure it needs more than one quart. Over-filling can damage your transmission and it is very difficult to get fluid out once it's in.

**Make sure you have the correct fluid for your vehicle (should be in the owners manual, but if not you can call a Chevy dealers service dept. and they should know).

After adding your first quart (or however much you think it needs) check the level. To do this, replace the dip stick and run it up and down a few times to get all the fluid that you just poured down there that stayed in the tube on the stick. Pull the dipstick out while holding a cloth or rag on the stick wiping all of the excess fluid off. Pull the stick all the way out this way and wipe the entire length of it clean and replace it again. Then pull it out once more _not_ wiping it off, and read the bottom to see where your level is (if the entire length of the stick is coated, repeat step one until you can get an acurate reading). If it's still low, add more fluid the same way and check the level again the same way. Make sure your engine is running and in park for the entire process.