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Q: Where was Ailin born in Ties That Bind?
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In Ties that Bind Ties that Break who did Ailin marry?

James Chew

What is the conflict in ties that bind ties that break?

The main conflict is that Ailin is faced with traditions she believes are wron, including gender problems and foot binding.

What is the main conflict in ties that bind ties that break?

in the story ties that bind,ties that break the setting takes place in 1911 in Ailin's house when revolutionary was going on and when upper class girls had to bind their feet to marry a rich family (lui family).

When was The Ties That Bind - song - created?

The Ties That Bind - song - was created in 1979-06.

When was The Ties That Bind - The O.C. - created?

The Ties That Bind - The O.C. - was created on 2004-05-05.

Who wrote ties that bind ties that break?

Tao Ailin, the main character of Ties That Bind, Ties That Break, is born into the Tao family at a time when China is in great turmoil. Her story is told in a flashback; as a young woman, she meets her childhood fiance, Hanwei, again and begins to recall how she became the wife of a Chinese restaurant owner in California. In 1911, Ailin is a spirited girl from a good family and is expected to have her feet bound in preparation for marriage. Foreigners in China gradually erode the traditions of the Chinese empire by introducing western philosopies; Ailin's father is one such man to perceive that the traditions that have preserve the power of the Chinese Empire will not last much longer. When Ailin is five, she is engaged to Liu Hanwei, a 7 year old boy who is to be educated in a western school. They become friends, especially when Hanwei promises to teach her all the things he learns in school. They are a well-matched pair and their families become close; Ailin is fortunate that her future mother-in-law genuinely likes Ailin. However, when the time comes for Ailin's feet to be bound, she refuses and the engagement is broken off. Ailin's father accepts Ailin's desire to keep her feet unbound, despite the fact it will make it harder for her to marry. When she grows older, her father sends Ailin to a western school, where Ailin learns many of the things that Hanwei once promised to teach her. Ailin is an exceptional student, especially in English lessons since she has the ability to imitate any language perfectly, and she finds a friend a girl named Xueyan, a student who has ambitions to become a doctor. However, Ailin's education becomes a point of difficulty with the rest of her family; educated girls are also undesirable for marriage and Ailin's school fees are expensive. Ailin's father dies of tuberculosiswhen she is fourteen and she loses the only support she has in her family and cannot continue with school any longer. Unable to find a man willing to marry her, her uncle, her father's older brother and the head of the family since Grandmother dies of a paralyzing stroke, offers her the choice of becoming a concubine for another family or a nun. Ailin refuses and is thrown out of the family, saved from her uncle's wrath only out of respect and love for Ailin's father. With help from her English teacher, Ailin finds work as a governess for the Warner family through her teacher at school. When the Warner family moves briefly to the United States, Ailin leaves Shanghai with them with the blessings of her uncle. On the boat to California, Ailin meets a young man named James Chew and they fall in love. When the Warners decide to return to China, Ailin chooses to remain in California to marry James and help him run his restaurant. Years later, Hanwei appears in the restaurant, reunited with Ailin for the first time since their engagement was broken. After Ailin relates her story to Hanwei, he reveals that his mother, who broke off the engagement, eventually relented and would have let Hanwei marry Ailin and she could have lived in comfort. While Ailin admits her life has not been easy, she is happy and proud of all the work she has done in her life.

When was The Ties That Bind - Battlestar Galactica - created?

The Ties That Bind - Battlestar Galactica - was created on 2008-04-18.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Ties That Bind - 1985?

The Ties That Bind - 1985 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13

How many pages are in Ties that Bind Ties that Break?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Ties That Bind - 1985?

The cast of The Ties That Bind - 1985 includes: Lore Bucher as herself

How can you describe Big Uncle in ties that bind ties that break?

he is mean

Where can you download the suffering ties that bind for free?