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Q: Where was ballroom dancing mostly practiced in Europe?
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What type of people or age group mostly participated in ballroom dancing?

Mostly people who participate ballroom dance is the age of 15 at 19

Where is Christianity practiced most today?

Christianity is mostly practiced in Europe

Where is Buddhism mainly practiced?

Mostly in Asia, though it is expanding in Europe and North America.

Where was Christianity practiced?

Mostly in Europe back then. Answer: First in Israel, eventually spreading to worldwide coverage.

What are all the country's that Hinduism is practiced?

In India Nepal Myanmar Mauritius Hinduism is mostly practiced. In minority we can observe Hinduism in USA & Europe as well.

Where is Jainism practiced?

It is mostly practiced in India

Where is Hinduism mostly practiced?

it is mostly practiced in India where most Hindus live.

Where is eastern orthodox mostly practiced?

It is mostly practiced in Greece and Turkey, and places around there.

Difference between social dance and ballroom dance?

Social Dancing is a part of Ballroom Dancing. there are dances like the Cha Cha, the EC Swing, the Foxtrot and the Salsa that are considered Social dances but are also used in Ballroom Dancing.this is mostly because these dances are easier to lead in, whereas a dance like Quickstep or the Paso Doble require a lot of skill on both the man and the woman's part in order to be able to dance improv.

Where is Jainism?

It is mostly practiced in India

In what geographical location is Christianity most practiced?

Christianity is practised mostly in the Americas (North and South America), followed by Russia, Europe and Australia.

Where is Shinto practiced today?

Mostly in Japan

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