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Where was pres kennedy shot?

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Who slept with Marilyn Munroe?

Pres. Kennedy

Where does Kennedy was shot?

kennedy was shot at the back of his head

When was Pres Lincoln assassinated?

he was assassinated when he was shot.

Which pres took oath on a airplane?

LBJ after the Kennedy assassination.

What did John F. Kennedy do in the cold war?

he was not the god pres

What plaza was Kennedy shot in?

john f Kennedy was shot in the Dealey Plaza.

Where Kennedy kids with him when Kennedy was shot?

No not when either of the Kennedy brothers were shot. Robert Kennedy was shot at a convention as he was departing. President Kennedy was shot in Dallas while riding in a car with his wife Jackie, Governor and his wife connally. The kids of these men were no where near when it happened.

What was Kennedy shot with?

he was shot with a riffal

What is the duration of Disney Shot Kennedy?

The duration of Disney Shot Kennedy is 1.7 hours.

What date was Kennedy shot?

President John F. Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963.

When was Disney Shot Kennedy created?

Disney Shot Kennedy was created on 2010-06-25.

What was Jack Ruby before he shot Kennedy?

Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy; Jack Ruby later shot Oswald.

How did president Nixon die?

he was shot and stabed bye his vice pres.

What jobs did James Garfield have after being pres?

none, he got shot

Was John F. Kennedy shot in the head?

John F Kennedy was shot on a Friday in the head

What day of the week was Kennedy shot?

President Jofn F. Kennedy was shot on Friday, November 22, 1963.

What hotel was Robert Kennedy shot at?

Robert (Bobby) Kennedy was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

Who were the other people shot during the assassination of Robert Kennedy?

Robert Kennedy was shot by Shiran Shir-an, but along with Kennedy five other people were injured.

Who was president when soviet missiles in cuba?

Pres. John F. Kennedy (USA 1961-1963)

When was JohnF Kennedy Shot?

He was shot on Friday 22nd of November

Have any top US Politicians ever died of cancer If so how may and who were they?

Died of cancer: Sen. Ted Kennedy -- brain cancer Sen. Frank Church -- pancreatic cancer Vice-President Hubert Humphrey Survived cancer -- Sen. Mike Crapo Politician's relatives with cancer: Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Sen. John Edwards Maureen Reagan, daughter of Pres. Ronald Reagan Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of Pres. John F. Kennedy Patricia Nixon, wife of Pres. Richard Nixon Nancy Reagan, wife of Pres. Ronald Reagan (still living) Betty Ford, wife of Pres. Gerald Ford Ted Kennedy, Jr., son of Sen. Ted Kennedy (still living) Eleanor Mondale, daughter of Vice President Walter Mondale Happy Rockefeller, wife of Vice President Nelson Rockefeller The mother and all three siblings of Pres. Jimmy Carter

Who was in the car when he was shot?

jackie kennedy

What year was Kennedy shot?


How did Bobby Kennedy Die?

He was shot.

Did Kennedy get shot in the head?