Where was the bendy straw made?

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It was made in America :) by a man called Joseph Friedman.

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Q: Where was the bendy straw made?
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What is a bendy straw?

A bendy straw is a drinking straw with a corrugated, bendable section.

What rhymes with bendy straw?

Wendy saw

What is the windpipe made of?

The windpipe is composed of cartilaginous rings that resemble the flexible portion of a bendy straw.

Who invented the bendy straw?

Joseph Friedman in 1937

What is narrow colorful bent ant and wet?

a bendy straw

How did Joseph Friedman invent the bendy straw?

by putting a screw in a paper straw and pulled it with dental floss to bend it for his daughter to drink a milkshake

Who invented the bendable straw?

Arthur A. Aykanian (b.1923), of Massachusetts, invented the first plastic bendable straw, the so-called "bendy straw." He had a patent on the first stay-bent plastic straw, as well. He was the inventor of the spoon straw, originally used for the 7-11 Slurpee.

Is a Bendy Straw a form of Physical Change?

No. A Bendy Straw is simply light being refracted as it passes from the air into the water. There is no form of change occurring, just simply the bending of light. Because light travels the fastest in a vacuum (about 300,000,000 ms^-1), but significantly slower in water ( 225,056,264 ms^-1), the light slows radically as it enters the water. To disperse this energy, the light bends to wards the normal, which is perpendicular to the horizontal waters surface. It is this slowing of the light that you see as a Bendy Straw.

Is bendy real?

no its a fictional character made by the meatly

What year was bendy straws made?

According to Wikipedia 1937.

What is a straw?

it is an house made out of straw dear

What is bendy and the ink machine?

BATIM is a game where you have to survive Bendy, the ink demon.

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