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We don't know. But the concept of a brass tube, flared at one end, and with a mouthpiece to buzz the lips against at the other end, was in common use at the time of the Roman Empire. Valves came much later, of course. The Bugle has more flare to the tube, in fact my Trumpet teacher taught us that the difference between "trumpet family" and "bugle family" is that trumpet family instruments are 1/3 flared tube, 2/3 straight tube, while bugle family is 2/3 flared tube, 1/3 straight tube.

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Q: Where was the first trumpet actually made?
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What year was the first trumpet made?

wich country made the first trumpet

What was the first trumpet made of?

the trumpet is made of brass or sometimes silver.

When was the trumpet created?

The trumpet was first made as early as 1500 B.C

Where was the first trumpet made?

in egyt

What was the trumpet first made of?


When was the first brass trumpet made?

in 0056

Was the first trumpet made in France?

The best information we have points to the trumpet being invented in Egypt. The modern valved trumpet was invented in Germany.

When was the first Trumpet made?

I say in the 1500's

What instrument did Miles Davis play?

AnswerMiles Davis was a jazz trumpet player.miles Davis was actually just a trumpet player

Can you see the first trumpet?

It depends on you definition of trumpet. The trumpet has come along way and made many changes. The oldest 'trumpet' can be found in Egypt and was part of a tomb. Yet the modern trumpet(with valves) has been constantly changing.

When was the trumpet first used?

the first trumpet was a beaugle used in the world wars which was considered a trumpet ---- The first trumpets were made of animal horn or large shells and were used in prehistory at least 12000 years ago.

What was the first piece of music made for the trumpet?

The flight of the bumblebee

Was the trumpet the first instrument in the world?

No. The first known instruments are flutes made of bone.

How was the first stethoscope made?

The first stethoscope was carved out of wood, in the shape of a trumpet or funnel.

Who made the first trumpet?

The first trumpets were made from animal horn or sea shells (Conches in the Pacific rim) and predate written history.

Why is dizzy gillispie's trumpet bent?

dizzy gillispie trumpet was made like that no one did anything to it that was just how they were made back in the day. Well Actually I read in an autobiography of him that in 1953 someone accidentally fell on it which caused it to bend. He liked the way it sounded when he played the bent trumpet so he left it like that.

What are the various kinds of trumpet?

Cornet-kind of like a small trumpet actually

What was the first brass instrument to be made?

it was a trumpet found in king tutankhamen's tomb in egypt

Where does a trumpet vibrate?

When you blow into a trumpet back pressure is created and the "buzz" is actually created by your lips.

What is the trumpet today made out of?

The modern trumpet is made mostly out of brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc.

Is there a song made just for the trumpet?

trumpet lullaby my favorite

What is the name of the first trumpet ever created?

trompit was the very first name for the trumpet

What was the first stephoscope made of?

The first stephoscope was carved from wood and looked sort of like a trumpet. Its inventor was Rene' Laennec in 1816.

Which is louder the trumpet or the trumbone?

The trombone can actually produce more decibels than the trumpet, therefore, the trombone is actually louder. However, in a practical sense, it depends on the player.

When and why were these changes occurred to the trumpet?

the reason why the change has been made to the trumpet