Where was the video camera invented?


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They invented it in Boston n.y.


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Philo T. Farnsworth invented the video camera.

Adam Zadok was the inventor of handheld video camera.

The inventor of the first video camera was the Bing Crosby labortories which was headed by engineer John Mullin.

AnswerPhilo Taylor Farnsworth Invented The First Ever Video Camera in one year>Sony in the 1970'sjaya sankar invented vedio cemara on 1927 April 24

No, the video camera was not invented yet.

The video camera wasn't invented until around 1895, and the electronic video camera came out in the 1920's.Hope this helped,Evan

The credit of inventing the video camera goes to John Logie Baird, who was responsible for making the earliest version of today's video camera. Now there are many different kinds of video cameras, and even phones that are capable of doing video.

A video camera takes -video A camera takes- Pictures

Obviously a Video Camera.Much better Quality than a normal camera with a video function.

the difference between the latest and old video camera

The iPod Nano 4th Generation has a built in video camera. The iPhone has a camera and video camera.

The first camera was invented by Joseph-Nicephore in 1826.

A video camera is a camera that takes videos. a camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen.

A digital video camera is likely to cost between $100 and $500, depending on the make, brand, and capabilities of the video camera. A typical video camera costs $300.

you cannot get a video camera on dsi, you will have to wait for a newer dsi to come out but the dsi XL also does not have a video camera

The first camera was invented in 1816, the camera was a very small one..

The HD video camera will record higher quality videos. Although, the HD camera will most likely be more expensive than the standard video camera will.

i believe the underwater camera was invented in 1893

William Henry invented the box camera

George Eastman invented a Kodak camera

George Eastman invented the small camera

George Eastman invented the lightweight camera.

he invented the first camera in the world

To shoot an HD video you need an HD video camera

The first video camera was made in England

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