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Many Australian and other prisoners were forced by the Japanese to help build the Burma (Death) Railway. (See the well known film "The Bridge on the River Kwai").

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Were there any Australian POWs in the Vietnam War?

99.9% of the POWs being held in North Vietnam were downed US airmen. Australian airmen didn't normally conduct air strikes over North Vietnam. There have been no Australian POWs that most historians are aware of.

How many US Navy POWs were held prisoner by the Japanese in World War 2?

See: Wikipedia World War II Casualties.

What happened to Australian POWs in Japanese camps?

Australians had the highest survival rate of all the allies held by the sadistict japanese. Even though they had the highest survival rate, only six people survived in the Sandakan Death March.

How many US soldiers were held as POWs by the Japanese?

During WWII there were over 140,000 Marine, Army, Air Corps and Navy prisoners of war held by the Japanese During WWII there were over 140,000 Marine, Army, Air Corps and Navy prisoners of war held by the Japanese

Is there a list of the names of POWS held in stalag 2b during World War 2?


Who held the Japanese during world war 2?

America held the Japanese in camp during WW2

Where does the Australian flag originate from?

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Can i get names of people caught by Italy in World War 2?

"Caught"? Do you mean Prisoners of War? Do you mean British POWs held in Italy?

Can you give me some little known facts about the Holocaust?

Some British POWs were held at Auschwitz. British POWs helped with the (potential) uprising at Auschwitz

How many POWs were rescued in The Great Raid?

The Great Raid is a 2005 war film which tells the true story of the January 1945 sucessful liberation of the notorious Japanese Cabanatuan POW Camp during World War II. At the time of the raid the camp held 500 prisoners.

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When was the Australian grand prix held?

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Name the Japanese prisoner-of-war camp on Singapore?

During World War II, following the Fall of Singapore in February 1942, the Japanese military detained about 3,000 civilians in Changi Prison, which was built to house only 600 prisoners. The Japanese used the British Army's Selarang Barracks, near the prison, as a prisoner of war camp, holding some 50,000 Allied - predominantly British and Australian soldiers. Although POWs were rarely if ever held in the civilian prison, the name Changi became synonymous in the UK, Australia, and elsewhere with the POW camp. Source: Wikipedia

What English-speaking country was on the edge of Japanese-held territory during World War 2?

The English speaking country on the edge of Japanese held territory and expansion during World War 2 was Australia. The US state of Hawaii was also near the edge of Japanese held territory in the Pacific Ocean.

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Which Australian swimmer has held every world freestyle record at the same time?

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What POW camps where there in Galveston during World War 2 how many POWs what nationality?

There was one prisoner of war camp in Galveston, Texas during World War II. It was the Wallace camp and it held German prisoners of war. It held an average of 3,000 to 4,000 prisoners.

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How did World War 2 affect the POWs on the Burma railway?

The POWs that were posted to build the Burma railway endured unimaginable conditions. Starvation was common and many troops died from malnutrition and disease. No medical facilities were available for the soldiers, resulting in thousands of deaths on the railway. The scars which the POWs received would stay with them both physically and mentally forever. They should be treated with the utmost respect and admiration for what they went through. They were lucky to get out at all. I notice that neither of the above answers talks about the brutal way in which the Japanese guards treated the Allied POW's. Beatings were common, and many prisoners were killed by being kicked to death, or by being be-headed with a sword. No limits were placed on the punishment, by the Japanese officers, who considered the POWS to be "unworthy " of respect because they had "surrendered " instead of fighting and dying. A Allied POW held by the Japanese was 9 times more likely to DIE, than if he was a German prisoner of war.

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Where were the prisoners of war in the Korean war held?

United Nations POWs were held in prison camps in North Korea. These were not subject to external scrutiny and there were many recorded instances of poor and brutal treatment.North Korean and Chinese POWs were held in South Korean prison camps. Those captured by other than the South Koreans (i.e. other UN countries) remained the responsibility of the capturing country, and these countries conducted monthly inspections of those POWs to ensure their well being.

Why were Japanese American held during World War 2?

Many Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians were interned for the duration [of WW2 because it was thought they had the potential to be saboteurs or spies.