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== == Speak to the Doctor Who wrote the prescription for this med, or ask the Pharmacist who filled the script for you. Both are professionally qualified to answer this question.

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Q: Where would a person look to find out if a medication you are currently taking is harmful to a pregnancy?
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Why is gestofit 200 sr taken when the pregnancy is just five weeks?

A person may be advised to take Gestofit 200 SR when their pregnancy is at five weeks if they need additional progesterone in their system. This medication is prescribed by the doctor.

Can you get HIV from a person while she taking medication?

If you are exposed to the virus at any time, whether the person is on medication or not, the virus can be transmitted.

Medication for sociopath?

Sociopathy is a person's personality, and we do not yet have medication for changing personality.

Can pain pills kill a 3 week old pregnant person?

No. You can't just take any medication to end a pregnancy. You have to get the abortion pill combo from your doctor so you are safe.

What kind of depression medication works best?

There is no medication that works best because it varies from person to person. I suggest prozac, it works for me.

Is phone radiation harmful to humans?

Phone radiation can be harmful to humans. It is harmful when the person is on the phone a lot.

Is eating baking soda harmful to pregnancy?

Eating straight baking soda would be harmful to anyone, let alone a pregnant person! But eating biscuits or any other baked product MADE with baking soda would not be harmful. Are you perhaps mistaking cornstarch for baking soda? Pregnant women sometimes crave cornstarch, which is not harmful aside from excessive calories.

Is there a medication to make a person permanently incontinent?

No. And why would someone want a medication like that?

Is swallowing a bug harmful?

Swallowing a bug is likely not harmful. Swallowing a bug can be harmful if the person is allergic to the bug.

What should a person who is considering entering a clinical trial for new medication be told?

any medication has risks and a new medication is going to be riskier

Is it possible for blood type to change if a person has lupus and forgets to take their medication?

Neither lupus nor lupus medication can change a person's blood type.

What is the best medication for ADHD?

The first-line medication in treating ADHD is a class of drugs called psychostimulants such as amphetamine (Dexedrine, Adderall, Vyvanse) and methylphenidate (Concerta, Ritalin). Most individuals with ADHD respond to stimulants and the current clinical research indicates stimulants are the best medication. However, each person reacts differently with each stimulant so there is not currently a "best" medication. The best medication for you may vary. Consult your healthcare professional on the latest treatments, and work with your doctor to find what works for you.

Should you discontinue using Prozac if pregnant?

A person should always talk to their doctor before discontinuing any type of medication. There might be special indications associated to stopping Prozac or taking it during pregnancy.

Can a person who has seizures eat magic mushrooms?

A person who has seizures should only use the medication that is medically prescribed; self medication of any sort is extremely dangerous!

Interrupting someone who is talking harmful or helpful?

I think we should interrupt the person who is talking harmful.

Is a person on medication capable of signing a plea bargain?

More info please. What kind of medication? Was he represented by counsel?

What actions do oncologists take when they determine a pain medication is effective?

When a person is comfortable with a certain dosage of medication, oncologists typically convert to a long-acting version of that medication.

Do hydrcodone get old?

It is possible for medication such as hydrocodone to go bad. The medication will have an expiration date posted on the outside of the bottle. A person should dispose of the medication once it has expired.

What is the best therapy for anxiety?

It all depends on the person if medication or counseling will be the thing to help them with anxiety. Medication is really not the answer though. Medication will only treat the patient, but not cure.

What is score of blood pregnancy test for 7 week of pregnancy?

the hormone levels will differ from person to person but a positive test starts at 25 and is suppose to double every 48 hours of pregnancy

What do you call a person that takes a lot of medication?

a medict.

Who is a person who prepares medication for use in healing?


What do you mean by repeatedly negative pregnancy results?

What is meant by repeatedly negative pregnancy results is that the person is not pregnant. The person is not going to have a child at this time.

Is it possible to experience different pregnancy symptoms than your first pregnancy if you miscarried?

Yes. Every pregnancy and every person is different.

Does pregnancy affect the development of wrinkles and fine lines?

Yes, pregnancy can cause a person to develop more wrinkles and fine lines. Pregnancy can also cause a person to develop stretch marks on the body.