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Bowling is always a better date if you are trying to get to know someone. Going to the movies mean you sit in the dark not talking for 2 hours.


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Bowling scores would be a positive correlation because the higher the score, the better the game. Golf scores would be negative correlations because the higher the score, the worse you are playing.

A bowling ball would be considered a sphere.

The bare minimum would be a bowling ball, a pair of leather-soled bowling shoes, and of course access to a bowling lane with a full set of pins.

A good essay topic about the effect of cinema on the youth would be to address violence in cinema. Another topic could be about mature themes and cinema ratings.

To get better at cricket it depends what you want to be better at Bowling, Batting or Fielding to be better at Bowling you must practice your action and run up to get a good stride into your deleviries. to get better at batting you must try all types of shot and be 100% focused. to get better at fielding you have to be focused on the ball and have quick reactions you can practice this by getting someone to throw the ball in different directions and you have to field it Try alot of tricks with ball . It would increase your fielding strenghts. Make running a habit. Play tennis , sqaush to increase batting skills. Try frequent throws with stone on a particular object , it would increase your pace and lenght . Bowling skills

You cannot stay in the cinema for the following showing. You would need to buy another ticket and then reenter. I would assume they kick everyone out when they clean the cinema.

A bowling ball is made up of a plastic outercore

Yes. Ten-pin is another name for what most people would consider "regular" bowling.

you could find downloads for a bowling alley, but it would not work, or it would be a recolor of bowling alleys that are already in the sims. I suggest you buy the Sims 2 nightlife expansion pack, it comes with bowling alleys.

A futon would be better as it can double as a sofa.

A Hammer bowling ball should be available for purchase at any retail store that specializes in bowling and bowling supplies. Another place would be inside the pro shop that many bowling alleys have inside.

Bowling prices vary depending on where you would like to bowl as well as the day or time.

A 16 pound bowling ball would be 71.172 newtons in weight.

Bowling balls are typically measured in grams.

No, the wool would absorb some of the energy, making the bowling ball less effective for its purpose.

I think yess, because i am a girl and it would be a good oppertunity to get to know her better.

no because if they done that everyone would have heared the movie playing from outside the cinema and rushed in to watch it because it would be free

Diffusion and Osmosis.... I think. It would be better to double check ;)

No. That sentence is grammatically incorrect.The correct sentence would be:In the context of advising someone who is bored: Why not go to the cinema?In the context of suggesting to do something with someone: Why don't we go to the cinema? -Or- Let's go to the cinema.

An up do would probably be best so your hair does not get in your face when you are bowling, but it still looks good.

I would take a guess that it is 10 Pins on a Bowling Alley.

One can purchase a black bowling ball from many sports retailers which carry bowling balls. Dick's Sporting Goods carries bowling balls and will have black balls or would be able to order them in.

That would depend on the weight of the bowling balls. If they were 10 pounds each, that would be 700 pounds total.

I think a 13 yr old would like a sleepover and make sure there is make - up for make overs or blindfolded makeovers and go bowling or to the cinema or laser quest or ice skating and go out for tea that would be a good party for a 13 yr old!

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