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There are a few different car donation programs available in the United States depending on your location. Goodwill, Wheels for Wishes, Kars 4 Kids, and 800 Charity Cars are all charities that accept car donations.

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Q: Where would one go to find a car donation program?
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What are some popular car donation programs?

Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program is one of the more popular car donation program.

Where can one find more information on a vehicle donation program for charity?

One can find information on a vehicle donation program for charity from websites like Car Donation Wizard, Charity Navigator, Info Line, AICPA and Voaor.

Where can one find information about Kqed car donation?

The KQED car donation program is available by phone at 1 (866) 573-3123 or by downloading their information sheet and forms for donation on their website.

What kind of tax credit can I get by utilizing a car donation program?

There is no such thing as a tax credit for a car donation

Where can I find more information on car donation programs?

You can find more information on car donation programs

Where can one make a car donation in Sacramento?

One can make a car donation in Sacramento with the 'Action Donation Services' organization. One can arrange a donation by phone or fill out the online form. Another organization one can donate a car to is the 'Komen Sacramento Car Donation Program'.

Where can one find a charity that would accept a car donation?

There are a lot of places in order for one to find a charity that would accept a car donation. However, one of the best website one might want to check out is donationtown.

Where can I find information about car donation programs in the state of Indiana?

Visit for information on car donation in Indiana

Where can I find information online about how to donate a car to veterans?

The Purple Heart Car Donation program benefits wounded and disabled veterans. You can reach them at (888)414-GIVE.

Where is a local car donation center to Eugene, Oregon? and will help you find a car donation center in Eugene, OR.

What is the purpose of the Outreach Car Donation program?

The purpose of the Outreach Car Donation program is to provide transportation for disabled people who can't use public transportation. Another purpose is provide transportation assistance to senior citizens.

How can I find a legitimate car donation center? gives you tips on what to look for in a car donation center and a list of ones to choose from.

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