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I happen to own one of these. I happen to also have the owners manuel. It is the fuse box located at the passenger side door. Just open the door, and you will see the fuse panel just below the dash. It is next to the hole that feeds the defroster through to the door vents. Open the panel and you will see the fuses. It is #26 and is a large silver fuse. It is a 30 amp.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-27 04:18:53
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Q: Where would the fuse for the windows of a 95 grand Cherokee be located?
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A Cherokee would have the AW4. A Grand Cherokee would have a 44RE.

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I would think so.

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the switch board could be bad.

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Yes 93 to 95 are the same

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That would be in the interior fuse panel under the driver dash

What cause the Moonroof on 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee to malfunction?

This is a tough one to know for sure. I would recommend you take your Jeep to someone that repairs power windows.

2000 jeep grand Cherokee all four of your windows don't work you don't believe it is a fuse any ideas?

yes !!i would check the fuse yes !!i would check the fuse

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Year and engine would be helpful in order to provide the correct answer. Things change from year to year.

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