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probably in the ocean

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Q: Where would the waste sources go if the human population increases?
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What is generation of waste and its sources?

the material that are leftover from some human activity and which have no further use in that particular activity are known as generation of waste

What are the five sources of gases in the atmosphere?

Factories, powerplants, transportation vehicles, landfills, human waste (sewage)

What are other sources of solid waste?

sources of light

What is Waste Connections's population?

The population of Waste Connections is 6,000.

What are the different sources of energy?

The different sources of energy are:CoalMineral oilNatural gasHydroelectricityAtomic EnergyOther sources of Energy: sun, wind, tides, geothermal energy obtained in volcanic regions, biomass, farm and animal waste, including human excreta.

What are Sources of waste generation?

wastes are of different types..they are of industrial waste oceanic waste hospital waste kitchen waste

What is the role of human being in water pollution?

1. Industrialisation has led to the discharge of pollutants and toxic materials in water bodies through drainage into rivers and underground water table. 2.Urbanisation has led to discharge of pollutants like human/animal waste material ,chemicals and toxic materials as sewage discharge into rivers and water bodies. 3. Rural human population and animal waste including chemicals used in pesticides and fertilisers have polluted water sources.

What are commercial sources of waste?

plastics , industry items and hme waste

What is Casella Waste Systems's population?

Casella Waste Systems's population is 2,720.

What is the population of Waste Control Specialists?

Waste Control Specialists's population is 155.

What is Progressive Waste Solutions's population?

Progressive Waste Solutions's population is 2,009.

What is Allied Waste Industries's population?

Allied Waste Industries's population is 22,800.