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Where would you find Alamo?


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The Alamo is located in San Antonio. You can see it when you go on the Riverwalk.

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they cryed that because they where celebrating their victory of the Alamo victory. they would scream it in the beginning and the end of the battle.

yes the fall of the Alamo and the battle of the Alamo are the same

The Alamo only has the shrine and Long Barrack Museum The Alamo would still be big as it was in 1836 that would take the entire Downtown San Antonio too rebuild the original compound of Mission San Antonio De Valero The Alamo was 4 square feet and the walls were 6 feet high

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All defenders of the Alamo were killed by the invading Mexicans. However, the Battle of the Alamo provided Sam Houston enough time to organize an army that would later defeat the Mexicans at San Jacinto.

The advantage that the defenders of the Alamo had were they were behind the protection of the walls of the Alamo which they used as a fort. Bullets that would kill in an open field only hit the walls of the Alamo. Some disadvantages of the Alamo was they were trapped with 10,000 armed soldiers around them, they were limited to the supplies they had inside of their building and they could not retreat. They had to make their stand or die.

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In Texas... At the Alamo...

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The Battle of the Alamo was held at the Alamo, which is in San Antonio, Texas.

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The address of the Alamo Branch Library is: 100 S First W, Alamo, 89001 0239

i think that the Alamo is the church.

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