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You can find Buster Blader in Pharoah's Servant (PSV) and Dark Beginnings 1(DB1)

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What is a yu-gi-oh booster pass?

a yugioh booster pass is something you use on a yugioh online game

Where can you buy cheap Pokemon and yugioh card booster boxes and booster packs?


Are all yu gi oh starter decks the same?

It depends on what type of starter deck e.g. Yugioh 5ds, Yugioh GX, Yugioh!

How do you get synchro monsters?

booster packs,tins,online at yugioh mint

In Yugioh reverse of arcadiawhich booster packs have the infernity cards?

The red one!

How do you get a holographic card in a Yu-Gi-Oh pack?

"THE ONLY WAY"to get a holographic card in a yugioh booster pack is luck, because you never know what your going to get in the booster pack and it will NEVER tell you if there is a holographic/or Ghost rare yugioh card inside the booster pack, so it's pretty much you gambling to see if you will get a holographic yugioh card inside.

What yugioh booster pack has red eyes black metal dragon?

The only booster pack to contain this card is Premium Pack 1.

How to get booster points on you gi oh online 3?

u Can buy BP (Booster Points) At The Official Game Site Which is ... ^_^ .

Which Yugioh 5Ds booster pack can you get Savior Star Dragon in?

you get it in the stardust overdrive pack.

What Yugioh booster pack does Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua come in?

"Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua" comes in the booster pack Ancient Prophecy.

What yugioh booster pack does earthbound immortal Ccarayhua come in?

It comes in packs of Stardust Overdrive.

How can you get three blue eyes white dragons in Yugioh the eternal duelist soul?

Booster pack and passwords.

Which booster pack has Fusion Gate in YuGiOh Ultimate Master 2006?

Fusion Gate is a Rare card that can be found in the booster pack "Labyrinth of Nightmare" in Ultimate Master 2006.

Where can you find a really cheap Yugioh starter deck online?

Yes if you look!

Rules of yugioh?

Go to to learn the rules. You can also get a rulebook in each structure deck and a "beginner's guide" in each starter deck.

How do you play Yu-Gi-Oh?

if you go to and search yugioh tcg you will find out or if you buy a yugioh starter deck that will also tell you

How do you get crystal beast monsters?

by a Jesse starter deck for yugioh gx. it will have crystal beasts

Which booster pack or tin has turbo synchron for yugioh 5d's?

cross roads of caos you can also get a tin with urbo syncron in it

When will the yugioh 5D's starter deck come out?

it did come out you can buy it on eBay or inmint for 12 bux

What are legendary six samurai?

The legendary Six Samurai are a new archtype in the yugioh card game world that are coming out in the storm of ragnarok booster pack coming out feburary,9,2011 if you play yugioh with six samurais you should get these cards

Yugioh Bought Barrel Dragon and JinzoLord holographic perfect condition and pulled from a booster pack for 5 dollars all together Canadian good deal?

you got them both from booster packs? Dude you are sooo lucky

Where can one purchase a Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Box?

There are many places where one can purchase a Yugioh Booster Box. Examples include the Troll and Toad website, as well as sites such as Amazon or eBay.

WHEN is the new Yugioh 5D's starter deck with the Stardust Dragon coming out?

its already out its yusei duelist pack

What card pack does colossal fighter come in?

Yugioh 5D's Starter Deck, the one with Junk Warrior.

How do you know if there are good cards in a Yu-Gi-Oh booster pack?

Stated on the back of a booster pack will be the number of chances of getting a common, rare, etc. card in that booster pack series.If you want to know what booster packs has the best cards for the kind of deck you want to build, check out the Yugioh Wikia ( and you can look at a list of every card in every booster pack.

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