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== == * You get what you pay for. It's difficult to find a decent lawyer especially if you don't have a lot of assets such as property and have no children. Many lawyers like making that money and will sometimes push the monied divorce cases before the ones where there is only a small fee they will make off it. I live just outside Vancouver, B.C., Canada and I filed for divorce and found out that my first husband's lawyer and my lawyer were taking their sweet time (good old boys if you know what I mean) until I put my foot to the petal and told my lawyer to get on that phone and straighten things out. You could seek free legal counsel and you would have to phone the Bar Assoc. for this. If you have no assets together (home, property,) and there are no children you can file for divorce under various reasons such as "mental cruelty."

* An alternative suggestion is to use Here I submitted by case details on my divorce situation. I had multiple lawyers contact me. I picked the lawyer that was most affordable and within my price range and I got the best possible service. The point here is that you get a choice.

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Q: Where would you find a good and inexpensive divorce lawyer in Toronto Canada?
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