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Q: Where you can get Spray Millet given as Parrot food in Chennai?
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Required list of new companies in chennai?

For New companies in chennai is given in below link.

How the polio vaccine is given?

I have had it given as an injection, a nasal spray, a throat spray and on a sugar lump over my lifetime.

Where given samadhi of rajiv gandhi?

There is no <samadhi- grave>, but there is a memorial Sriprembudur, Chennai

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Dear friend Every Year number of engineering colleges in chennai is increasing. for more details visit below given link.

Name for a green parrot?

Polly is a common name given to pet parrots.

What is nasal insulin?

Nasal insulin is insulin given by nasal spray (spray into the nose) instead of by injection.

What was chennai called earlier?

Chennai was Called as Madras earlier. Madras name was given by Britishers during their rule over India and it served as their main headquarter for long time.

Can your cockatiel eat millett?

Cockatiels can eat millet and they love it! It is a treat, though, and should be given to them occasionally to avoid overweight cockatiels.

Where can you get yellow fever injection in Tuticorin?

not avaliable in tuticorin . only permission given to chennai port helth hospitals.

Which layer of the rainforest does a parrot live in?

Given the hundreds of parrot species around the world, you will find that most parrots do not live in the rainforest. Those that do tend to live in the canopy layer of the rainforest.

What is the name given to the arrangement of flowers used at a funeral?

Wreath , spray or bereavement flowers .

What is an Australian parrot?

There is no actual species called an "Australian parrot". This is likely a name given to a particular parrot, which originates from Australia, but with the proper name not being used by overseas bird clubs.Australian parrots include (to name just a few):budgerigargalahcorellasulphur-crested cockatoorainbow lorikeetBourke parrotrosella (any species)cockatiel

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