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There isn't one

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Q: Where you can get a summery for the novel Zone by Marcel Dube?
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What genre of play is 'Zone' written by Marcel Dube?

it is a tragedy,romance and crime

Where can you get a summary for the novel 'Zone' by Marcel Dube?

You need to read the book and do the summary. Getting it online is cheating and Wiki will not help you cheat. Reading the book may allow you to pass the test as well.

When was O-Zone - novel - created?

O-Zone - novel - was created in 1986.

What influeced marcel dube to write the play zone?

In my opinion it was primarily in order to define the distinctly segregated lines of that time between the social classes and to display the plight of the poor who were expected to live and die poor, and who were given no chances to fulfill their potentials as true giving members of a just society. Although it is about a group of young people committing crimes, it explains why they have been forced into that situation and how bleak their destinies are. Marcel Dubé ends Zone in a most realistic way, but in doing do we understand and empathize more with the characters and the situation.

The Dead Zone is based on a novel by which writer?

Stephen King

What movie and television projects has Marcel Baptist been in?

Marcel Baptist has: Played Pope in "Postbus X" in 1988. Played Muls in "Postbus X" in 1988. Played Tentoonstellingsbezoeker in "Samson en Gert" in 1990. Played Marcel in "Familie" in 1991. Performed in "Zone stad" in 2003.

What has the author Marcel d' Hertefelt written?

Marcel d' Hertefelt has written: 'Les anciens royaumes de la zone interlacustre meridionale' 'African governmental systems in static and changing conditions' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Politics and government, Ethnology 'Les anciens royaumes de la zone interlacustre meridionale, Rwanda, Burundi, Buha' -- subject(s): Ethnology

When was the film 'Dead Zone' first released?

Dead Zone was released in October 1983, and was based on the Stephen King novel. It was directed by David Cronenberg, and starred Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen.

When did the romanovs go in to hiding?

A certain more- or less comedic novel to the contrary- only Stacy could possibly have survived and got out, which she probably did- with some help from IKGB man or men.The comedic novel- Five little Starrs in the Canal Zone had the whole tribe alive and kicking and living on a barge in the Panama Canal Zone- From Czar of all the Russias to a humble Barge attendant- whoa indeed! Five Little Starrs in the Canal Zone is of course fictional.

What actors and actresses appeared in Contact Zone - 2010?

The cast of Contact Zone - 2010 includes: Bob Adrian as Richard Maria Deasy as Lydia Charles Kornegay as Delivery Man Glendalys Medina as Art Handler Hisham Tawfiq as Prince Sophie Tusler as Secretary Marcel Walker as Art Handler

Who directed the film The Dead Zone?

The film 'The Dead Zone was released in 1983 directed by David Cronenberg based on the novel by Steven King. The movie stars Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Brooke Adams, Herbert Lom, Tom Skerrit.

What zone do electric eels live in?

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