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Which of the following would be a good topic sentence for a process paragraph paragraph

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Q: Which option is the clearest example of internal conflict?
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Which option is the clearest example of deductive reasoning?

All people are equal under the law. Any person I meet is legally my equal. :)

Which option completes the explanation for conflict of interest in an organization?

what is the answer

How do you change your internal clock in Pokemon diamond?

You change the time in your DS option menu.

What is an example of a Macro Control Option?


Which option is an example of a historical argument?

Rome collapsed because of internal weaknesses, not because of attacks from foreign invaders.

What is an example of internal conflict in to kill a mockingbird?

Atticus has two choices. One: He defends Tom's hopeless case, does the "right" thing, and fulfills his job as a lawyer, while not being a racist. Two: He turns down the case, which ensures his kids' safety, but isn't really the right thing to do, as he wouldn't be doing his job, and would discriminate against black people. He chooses option 1, but continually worries about his kids.

Are there any other words for such as?

One option is the phrase, "for example".

An example for industrial attachment?

in management (project management option)

What option is an example of a citation?

Hernandez, L. β€œFlight.β€œ Illustration.

What is a good example of a software option trader?

A good example of a successful Software Option Trader is SoftwareExpress, MerrillEdge, CBOE, and InvestorPlace. Any of these companies can help build a portfolio.

How do you turn off internal memory to be able to use memory card already in camera?

The option will be in the camera settings :)

Which option represents the main advantage of having an internal power supply in a computer?

All computers have an internal power supply... An external one is simply for back up if you lose power.

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