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Italian Eritrea (1886-1941)

Italian Somaliland (1889-1941)

Italian Ethiopia (1936-1941)

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Q: Which African colonies did Italy control?
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During the 1930s Italy took control of this eastern African nation?


What country did not come under control as a result of the Spanish American War?

Spain did not give up its African colonies. It lost Cuba and the Philippines.

What African countries were European colonies?

All of them, with two exceptions: Liberia Ethiopia (Italy attempted to colonize Ethiopia in 1936, and successfully controlled it until the British drove Italy out in 1941).

When was Ministry of the Colonies - Italy - created?

Ministry of the Colonies - Italy - was created in 1912.

When did Ministry of the Colonies - Italy - end?

Ministry of the Colonies - Italy - ended in 1953.

How did western imperialism impact sub-saharan Africa?

It was the colonies that inhabited this area in Africa. France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy had colonies in these areas up to this day. As a result, the African population came from the colonies to these countries up North.

Where were the Greeks colonies in Italy?

Southern italy

What did Monroe Doctrine permit in Latin America?

existing European colonies new European colonies existing African colonies new African colonies

What African colonies did Belgium control?

Belgian Congo (now the Dem. Rep. of the Congo Ruanda-Urundi (now Rwanda and Burundi)

African countries colonized by Italy?

The African countries colonized by Italy were Libya, Somalia, and Eritrea. Ethiopia was occupied, but not colonized by Italy.

Did Switzerland ever have African colonies?

NoSwitzerland did not have any colonies.

Who planted colonies in the southern Italy and Sicily?

The Greeks planted there colonies there.