Which American vice president starts with A?

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Al Gore
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What does the Vice president do?

According to the US constitution, the only delegated responsibilityis as President of the Senate ,and as the individual who would succeed the President (or serve asacting President where needed) during his term in office. AsPresident of the Senate he can vote to break a tie vote, but thatis the o ( Full Answer )

Who is the Vice President?

This depends on the country. See related questions: Mike Pence is the current Vice President of the United States. Mike Pence

Why do you have Vice president?

because if something happen to the president, the vice president will be the president instead.

Which president had no vice presidents?

4 presidents had absolutely no vice president (a few others had no vice president, for a certain period of time, the 4 guys I'm talking about had none at all.) Anyways, those 4 presidents were: John Tyler, who served as the 10th president from 1841 to 1845 Millard Fillmore, who served as the 13th ( Full Answer )

Can a vice president become president?

Yes. In the event the president can not perform his duties the vice president becomes the President. This event has actually happened nine times so far, eight times because of the death of the President and once because the President resigned his office.

Why is there a vice president?

theres a vice president in case the real president is unable to forfill his duties to serve our country!!

What can the vice president do?

The only powers outlined for the Vice President in the U.S. Constitution are taking over if the current President is no longer able to govern and breaking any tied votes in the Senate. Usually the Vice President is given special assignments by the President, such as working on unemployment issues, o ( Full Answer )

Can the vice-president be a former president?

He can unless he has already served two full terms. There was actually serious talk of getting Gerald Ford to run for VP with Reagan after he was President but he was not interested.

What is a vice president?

A vice-president in a private company is any of several positions subordinate to the president or chairman. They would normally head a major department or functional management area. In government, one or more vice presidents are the executives who are in the line of succession to a president's off ( Full Answer )

How do you be a vice president?

You need to have a strong background in politics. Find someway to show a candidate for presidency what you have accomplished. They may possibly interview you and then choose you. VP's are next in line to be a president. They make important decisions as well.

When did the president and the vice president start running on the same ticket?

The Twelfth Amendment, thanks to the election of 1800. The candidates for President and Vice-President cannot be from the same state, due to this Amendment: The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be ( Full Answer )

Who was the American vice president 1790?

The 1st President of the United States was George Washington from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797. John Adams was his Vice President.

What does the vice president have to do?

His only required duty is to preside over the US Senate when it is in session and vote if there is a tie vote. Nowadays, he accepts various assignments from the president and serves as a high-ranking representative of the administration at various functions.

What does a vice president do?

The Vice President presides in the Senate. He casts the deciding vote in case of a tie. He contacts the President every morning and inquires about his health. He might get an answer that is accurate. On the other hand it may not be correct as has been the case in the past when whoever makes the deci ( Full Answer )

Who was the first vice president whose last name starts with D?

The eleventh Vice-President of the United States, who served under James W. Polk from March 4, 1845 to March 4, 1849 was named George M. Dallas, and was the first vice-President whose surname begins with D. The only other vice-President whose surname begins with D is Charles G. Dawes (1925 - 1929 - ( Full Answer )

Does the vice president have a vice president?

No, he/she does not have a vice president of their own. However, one could assume that the Secretary of State would be the vice president's vice president. This is based on the chain of presidency. . President dies . Vice president assumes the presidency . Vice president dies . Secretary of S ( Full Answer )

What Presidents who were once vice presidents?

Thirteen US Presidents also served as vice-president: John Adams (elected in following election) Thomas Jefferson (elected in following election) John Tyler (ascended) Millard Fillmore (ascended) Andrew Johnson (ascended) Chester A Arthur (ascended) Theodore Roosevelt (ascended) Cal ( Full Answer )

Who were the 2 presidents with no vice presidents?

Prior to 1967, the Vice Presidency, once vacated remained emptyuntil the next election. This occured 16 times, whenever thePresident or the vice-president died or resigned. After 1967 when the 25th amendment was ratified, a vacancy in thevice-presidency was soon filled.

How the House of Representatives is organized starting with vice president?

The Vice President is not a part of the House of Representatives. The Vice President is Chairman of the Senate. The leader of the House of Representatives is called the Speaker of the House. He is the most prominent member of the majority party. Beneath him is the Whip Majority Leader, or the ( Full Answer )

What do the president and vice president have in common?

They are both over 35. . They are both part of the government. If referring specifically to the US: . They are both men . They are both at least part white . They both speak English . They are well traveled . They are rich . They are charismatic . They both control some form of legislat ( Full Answer )

What dose the president and vice president do?

they check and pass laws the president can also vito a law which means if th vp likes it then the p can say vito and get ride of it but if a lot of peoplelike it then they can override it.

What presidents had two vice presidents?

Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, Lincoln, Grant, Cleveland, McKinley, and Nixon all had different vice-presidents during their second terms. Franklin Roosevelt changed veeps for his third term and again for his fourth. In the case of Madison, Cleveland and McKinley, the vice-president died during the fi ( Full Answer )

Which is correct vice president or vice-president?

Both are in common usage. The US Constitution uses the hyphen as well as capitalization: the Vice-President . Purists might say the hyphen is needed to avoid confusion with a possible president of vice.

What is a good start for a seventh grade speech for vice president?

good morning student and staff, boys and girls my name is _________ and I'm running for 7th grade vice president. i think you should vote for me because I'm loud, outspoken, and really talkative, but I'm also a really hard working person. if you ask any of my friend or teachers they all will say the ( Full Answer )

When did us presidents start picking their vice presidesnts?

I think Jackson was the first when he picked Martin Van Buren. It used to be the Secretary of State who was considered the most likely replacement for an incumbent President. After Jackson, some presidential candidates picked their running mates and others left the choice up to the nominating conven ( Full Answer )

Which American president was defeated by his vice president?

John Adams was the only one who suffered this indignity, In those days, the presidential candidate who finished second was made the vice president. Thomas Jefferson finished behind Adams in 1796 and became vice president, but in 1800 he beat Adams and you might think Adams would be the his vice pres ( Full Answer )

Which president served as Vice President Vice president and president?

John Adams: V.P. 1789-1797; Pres. 1797-1801 Thomas Jefferson: V.P. 1797-1801; Pres. 1801-1809 Martin Van Buren: V.P. 1833-1837; Pres. 1837-1841 John Tyler: V.P. 1841; Pres. 1841-1845 Millard Fillmore: V.P. 1849-1850; Pres. 1850-1853 Andrew Johnson: V.P. 1865; Pres. 1865-1869 Cheste ( Full Answer )

Who was the vice president of C.S.A in American Civil War?

Alexander Hamilton Stephens (February 11, 1812 - March 4, 1833) was the Vice President of the Confederate States of America from before the start of the Civil War until about a month after it ended (February 11, 1861 - May 11, 1865).

When did you start voting on the president and vice president on one ticket?

Prior to the election of 1804, electors in the electoral college each voted for two persons but the votes were in general and not allocated to president and vice president: . The Electors shall meet in their respective States, and vote by Ballot for two Persons, of whom one at least shall not be ( Full Answer )