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Pictures to CDAny blank CD should work, watch not to get blank DVD's or rw's (rewriteable CD's) for they cost more. Go after something marked 48x, and it should work fine.
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Q: Which CD do you need to copy still pictures?
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How do you put pictures on a CD off your computer?

You will need a blank, writable CD-ROM. You will also need CD creator software, The software will allow you to select all the images that you want, and then burn them to the CD. If images are embedded in another program such as a PowerPoint presentation, the using the software to copy the PowerPoint will also copy the pictures. Just doing a "Save to" will not burn the CD ROM.

How do you copy pictures or text into the computer?

I have not found program to copy photos from CD into computer ?

What computer set up do you need to copy pictures to CD?

You will need CD burning software and an optical drive which is capable of writing.Nero 7 is good and user friendly software to do it.

Should you use a DVD or CD to copy pictures?


How do you get pictures from a CD onto your computer for viewing?

how do i copy or record DVD to an ordinary CD plate?

What kind of CD do you need to copy a CD?

writeable cds

Can you download pictures from a CD onto a memory card?

Normally, yes you can copy the pictures from the CD to the memory card in the same way you would copy other files from one place to another on your computer.

Will the songs from the CD still be on the CD and on the computer?

You can copy songs from a CD to a computer. The CD is not changed in anyway.

How do you copy pictures from computer to CD?

you insert the CD then you wait for it to load. There should be a pop up box on your screen. scroll down on it till you see an icon that says "see folders" Then open the file where you have the pictures copy or cut them and paste it in the Cd's folder.

How can you copy a CD that is not a copy?

To copy a CD that is not a copy you can get a RW CD. This is a CD that can have things copied onto it.

Can you still play a CD in your car after you rip it?

Yes, CD's are (normally) not 'erasable' - meaning that the music is still there after you copy it.

How do you seclect and download pictures from photo CD into computer?

Usually when you put the CD into the computer, autoplay will pop and and give you options such as autoplay the pictures, or copy them to your computer. If it doesnt, you can use third party software to copy pictures to your computer. You can also go to "computer" on your desktop and click on the CD. Then you can find the folder where the pictures are located, right click the folder, press copy, and then right click and paste them into whichever folder or library you want on your computer.

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